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Imagine for a Moment, a NH without a State Senate

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My understanding of civics is that our federal government has a senate (2 per state) to offset the big states (such as California’s 55 reps to NH’s 2) in the House.

Since each STATE is not made up of many sub-states, STATE senate districts are just made up arbitrarily after each census. Therefore, let’s say Pittsburg, NH does not necessarily receive any protection from Manchester in the STATE senate despite the volume of House representation being population-driven.

.In fact, Sununu shill Erin Hennessey only has ONE senate vote compared to (the sum of) Manchester’s TWO scumbags, D’Allesandro and Donna Soucy.

I remember Mr. Sylvia’s radio show that addressed the idea of a STATE electoral college, which also had a memorable comment, “the senate, yeah, that’s a problem.”

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Our state senate (as one organism and not an attack on any individual senator) isn’t serving us, peasants. It has been answering to the Dictator, donors, lobbyists, and party operatives on both sides.

Why do we even need a STATE senate? Imagine for a moment an NH without one.

There is no $1-200,000 to be fundraised every two years, times 24. Not having to think about what nefarious entities own Chuck and Jeb, etc.

I know some people will dismiss me as being nuts, but think about it for a moment. House bills just go through their processes and aren’t subject to the senate watering them down.