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Boom! Boom! Out Go the Lights! (If We Don’t Smarten Up)

The New Hampshire State Supreme Court has sided with the Site Evaluation Committee’s rejection of Northern Pass. If the committee has that authority under law, then that’s the right call. But while some factions are cheering, this is indicative of a serious issue.

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Donald Trump Frees Poland From Russian Energy Influence

The Russians must be stupid. They, at least according to a number of unreliable sources, “helped” Donald Trump win the election. So, what? So, he is damaging their economy. Mr. Trump has opposed Russian interests, none more than energy production. He just robbed them of their Gas contracts in Poland.


Without Fossil Fuels Millions of Americans Could Freeze to Death

It’s weeks like this when you learn what ‘cold’ really means. The midwest has seen new record lows all across the region. The kind of cold that only fossil fuels can hold at bay. Assuming you’ve got them in adequate quantities. Which it appears they do not. Gas companies are asking their customers to keep the …

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Advocates For Affordable Energy In NH Need To Fight for It

An above-the-fold story on the front of the Sunday Union Leader starts with “New gas pipeline gains support.” The project is an underground pipeline to carry natural gas from Manchester to Stratham. Governor Sununu likes it. The Business and Industry Association like it. Small and large business owners, as well as ratepayers, might like it. And …

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Where’d All The CO2 Go?

This is curious.  Just when the Global Warming Monkeys we’re complaining about how its totally hot, like…as if we were experiencing, like, Global warming, Ok?  OMG! So why is it so damn hot if US CO2 emissions from energy are nearing their lowest since 1991…without cap and trade?   Could it just be the weather?   …

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Candidate Obama Bullish on Oil?

The Financial Times reports (free subscription) that the Obama White House is planning to call on oil companies to increase domestic production. In another Obama speech, today, the new plan is expected to focus on Oil, responsible natural gas, and a hot button for the left–when they claim to be in favor of drilling–forcing oil companies to use idle leases.