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Data Point – Media Continues to Drive Its Customers Away

It’s one thing to be us – GraniteGrok – as we’ve made it clear who we are. That we write from our outlook on life as and for Conservatarians. Other media sites still spell a message that they are “objective.” “You should Trust us. We’re not like the others.” But they are and people aren’t buying it.



Nation Media rankings slippage


Sure, the Internet has been the main component as a disruptor in that industry but it’s also clear that these media companies aren’t listening to what their customers are saying. They’ve calcified and solidified their positions in openly being disdainful to, well, 50% of what used to be their customer base – Conservatives.

I’ve said it over and over again – WHY do you claim to be “dispassionate” when you keep beating on them?  Especially now as everything they put out either has tinges of Critical Race Theory/SJW or full-throated versions of it?

We’ve always said who we wanted as our anticipated audience – Conservatarian Political Activists – and I think we’ve achieved that here in NH.

And given the number of folks outside of NH requesting our “COVID-19 Vaccine Control Group Member Record Card” (e.g. requests from Alaska, California, and Hawaii), we’ve gone beyond our New England sphere as well.

And our rating keeps going up.

(H/T: Powerline)