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Mandatory Masks

Best Buy Logo

Er, Best Buy Not there Yet on Masks – But I Made a Snowflake Melt

Yep, in contradiction to Steve’s post “Target, Macy’s, CVS, Home Depot, Starbucks, and Best Buy *Drop Mask Mandates” from a couple of days ago, I can tell you that the Best Buy in Concord, NH still has it’s Mask On operation in almost full-blown mode.

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

A Story About Using the GraniteGrok Mask Order Medical Exception Placard

I get folks emailing me from time to time with stories about using ‘Grok’s Mask Exemption placard, like this one. “Hi Skip, I went to Walmart, the door employee referred me to masks available inside, didn’t even try to hand me one, so I did not need to show the lanyard.”