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Newfound Area School District’s 2021-2022 School Year Opening Plan – Mandatory Masks

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Previous to this post, John from the SAU4 Newfound Area School District surroundings, let us know that there is a School Board meeting tonite:

Hello SAU4 Voters (Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, and New Hampton), tomorrow night, many concerned parents and voters will be asking the Newfound Area School Board to sto

  1. Venue is proper in Rockingham County as it is the Plaintiff’ county of residence and the county in which all of the defendants are located.

p requiring/forcing the students to wear masks. Masks should be optional for all and a guardian/parent’s choice.

And it would be great if everyone could show up at the Newfound Regional High School, 6 pm – you don’t have to speak unless you want to. You get 5 minutes and do not expect any response from the board or answers to your questions.

Well, we have received the School Opening Plan 2021-2022; if you want to take control of your child’s education, you need to be there (emphasis mine):

The Newfound Area School District will continue to follow New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services guidelines regarding student and staff safety, contact tracing and quarantines. The District is committed to providing an in-person education to all students while also emphasizing the importance of physical and emotional wellness for students and staff. To that end, the following guidelines will be implemented. These guidelines are based on current local COVID statistics including infection rates. District administration will continue to monitor this information and adjustments will be made if necessary.

Health and Safety

  • Wearing masks will be required for students and staff, until further notice.
  • The health management committee will continue to meet regularly to review the mask requirement and will consider all local data regarding COVID-19.
  • Disposable masks will be available as needed. A supply of masks will be available in central locations (office, health office, athletic office, etc.)
  • Physical distancing will be maintained indoors when possible at 3 feet.
  • Volunteers and parents will be allowed in our buildings as long as they are masked, asymptomatic, and complete a health screening upon entry.
  • All students and staff with COVID-19 symptoms will be assessed by the school nurse and sent home when necessary.
  • School nurses will provide training to staff focusing on health and safety for students and staff, hygiene and sanitization, use of personal protective equipment, and other related topics.

So, time to show up and tell your Elected Representatives how you REALLY feel. Remember, they’re YOUR kids and legally YOU are responsible for them – go ahead, ask a School Board member what the names of your kids are if they say they really, REALLY care about your kids!