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Update II: Request a Face Mask/Covering Medical Exemption Card Today!

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

All of the requests for the “Mask Medical Exemption Card” have been taken care of – I delivered the last two to the Post Office this morning as the rain was just starting to fall here in the Lakes Region. My thanks to ALL of you that donated! As always, all the proceeds not used in creating and shipping the placards will be used for the care and feeding of GraniteGrok (mostly hosting charges) – we are just a rag tag bunch of volunteers to whom I am eternally grateful as well. They spend a lot of time and effort in researching and writing – and for free!

Ian put up a post about his wife and her use of the placard here (she had also emailed me as well!): Like a Crucifix to a Vampire. She sent me an update:

Today I wore my card to get a haircut. They require a mask. I asked if my exemption would be honored and showed them the card. They said that the state mandated everyone to wear a mask in their store when they allowed them to reopen back in Spring. I said that it was weird that the second mandate was more lax than the first. They said they’d look into it.

The good news is that more people are now aware of the exemptions. And that they may update their requirements as a result.

And another:

Received my mask-free travel license yesterday and thought I’d try it out. I hit MB just right, there were only 15 people in the whole place and received only pointed glares…at least I think they were glares, couldn’t really tell with their conformity costume on. I wore “that kind” of grin on my face, I know it and they saw it.
I have some qualms about entering Market Basket maskless, since they have a sign on the door that REQUIRES them. I believe a private business should be able to make their own rules, but then ponder the ethics of them removing my freedom of choice. I suppose I could choose another store, but there isn’t one. I hope at some point, people wise up and forcing masks will become as abhorrent as limiting entry to “whites only” or “no Irish.”
Second stop was the liquor store. Every single sheeple had on their symbol of subservient society. Surprise of the day, however, was the two employees I interacted with did not sport the symbol! I better not mention which outlet this is. These two employees are pleasant enough that I will stand in their longer line to avoid the other grumpy state workers. So, while I was ready, no opportunity arose to show-and-tell my mask-free travel license. But tomorrow is another day, and I can’t wait to try out my new and improved version. I’m already imagining the FUN!

Yes, the placards were meant to make fun of Gov. Sununu’s “mandatory” mask Emergency Order – but as with good comedy, they come with grains of truth. After all, pretty much, they simply quote his own words. However, most folks not totally immersed in “the politics of the thing” as we all are here, writers and readers, have no idea of the little details that means so much.

Using the placards gets that word out. It will also, hopefully, make them think a bit.

And in case you missed our previous posts (yes, another shameful marketing plug for GraniteGrok – I’m really bad at being a salesguy):

UPDATE: for each request I have to now add a $4 Post Office fee as they’ve jacked up their prices. Sorry I have to do it.

One time donation:

  • $10  One-time donation – Lanyard with Laminated the List of Exceptions to the ‘Mandatory’ Mask Order
  • $15  One time donation – Three(3) Lanyards with the List of Exceptions to the ‘Mandatory’ Mask Order
    Recurring monthly donation:

If felt so led, a monthly subscription donation:

$5   Recurring Automatic Monthly Donation – Five (5) Laminated Placards with Lanyard
$10 Recurring Automatic Monthly Donation – Five (5) Laminated Placards with Lanyard + Grok Hat
$25 or more Recurring Automatic Monthly Donation – Five (5) Laminated Placards with Lanyard + Grok Hat + Grok Shirt.

If you have or if you will do so, PLEASE let us know your stories if you do try to use them. No matter which, or none at all, we appreciate you coming to read GraniteGrok!