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Majority rule

Preventing Majority Rule From Being Unjust

For the American founders majority rule was the problem. To prevent majority rule from becoming unjust they designed measures into our constitution. Do you agree rule by majority can be an issue? When might it be desirable to thwart majority rule?

Democrat Appeasement of the Squeaky Wheels

Have the squeaky wheels taken over?

Here in America, as in all free societies, we’ve always functioned under a simple, but essential concept – the principle of majority rule.  It has its flaws, but it’s vastly superior to totalitarian regimes, dictatorships, and oligarchies.

Shariah versus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Is Islam A Violent Religion? How can you tell who’s radical?

Should you paint all Muslims with a broad brush? All Muslims don’t hold pernicious beliefs. But of the more than a billion and a half Muslims in the world some do. How do we, non-believers make sense of what’s going on? What’s the right question here? The PC position is that Muslims are tolerant and …

Is Islam A Violent Religion? How can you tell who’s radical? Read More »

Republican Change In New Hampshire

“The New Hampshire House of Representatives received a mandate from the voters of this state to cut state spending; reduce taxes and fees; return fiscal sanity to the state; promote economic development and create jobs; mend a state retirement system that was nearing insolvency; provide our children with an education based on excellence; protect the personal rights and freedoms of its citizens; and maintain transparency in state government. Listed here is a compilation of legislation passed by the 2001 New Hampshire House of Representatives in response to that message that they received in November from the voters.