Where is our Constitution hiding out? How about 'we the people'? - Granite Grok

Where is our Constitution hiding out? How about ‘we the people’?

Constitutional convention: yea or nay?

Where did my country go? Where is my beloved freedom? Where is the Constitution hiding out? What happened to the LIVE FREE OR DIE state?

How is it that the power that we have given to our “representatives” somehow has been flipped on its head and been used as a battering ram against us.

I must have missed something along the way. WHEN did it become a fact that the GOVERNMENT has the power and not the PEOPLE of the U.S.A? WE have given you the authority to govern. But NEVER misunderstand that WE THE PEOPLE are the power. We willingly give you the right to govern. But we also have the right to REPLACE you when you are trampling on our rights. You are most assuredly doing just that right now. We have been good little boys and girls and have “sheltered in place” for eight weeks now. I need to make money. I do not want government money, which will ONLY increase our skyrocketing debt.

As to the people who would like to become citizens of our fabulous country, do it the right way. No sneaking in by the back door. No getting welfare. Earn your way, just as my grandparents did. They had to have a place to live. They had to LEARN THE LANGUAGE of the U.S.A. Those that want to come into this country PROPERLY should do what everyone in the 1920s did. Get in line. Get a sponsor. Get a job.

How is it possible that many governors are okay with mosques being open, but all CHRISTIAN churches must be closed. They are giving tickets for $500 for sitting in their car listening to a church service! Talk about overreach! This is wrong in every way I can think of. If the mosques are open, ALL churches should be open.

Remember the term “We the People”? Might I suggest that you REAQUAINT yourselves with that dusty old document that STILL carries the weight and heft of our liberties? READ it sometime. You will notice that it is a document of what the government canNOT do. The rights belong with the PEOPLE, not the government!

We’ve been patient long enough. We’ve been good doobies for weeks and weeks. It is time to respect that WE are YOUR bosses. Not the other way around.

by Jean M. Ferreira