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Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess

Nashua Mayor Donchess: Spending Caps Are for Losers

Last week, there was a public hearing in the NH House Municipal and County Government Committee on Senate Bill 52, to restore the spending cap for Nashua, which was struck down by a judge, as well as to protect caps for other towns and cities.

NH tax taxes Democrat taxes

PSA – Spending Caps and The Rooms and Meals Tax

New Hampshire’s Republican Majority has done some decent work on lowering taxes in this year’s session. Two of the measures they are promoting including returning more rooms and meals (sales) tax revenue to cities and towns. Another is a spending cap bill.

Daniel Richards

Parent Concerned About Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

Daniel Richards from Hanover is quite comfortable living in that Blue bastion of progressiveness but something recently got his attention.  The District is teaching Critical Race Theory to staff and teachers with trickle-down into the curriculum and he (as he should) has concerns.

Vote 2

BREAKING News – NH Senate Recount shows Kevin Avard (R) has defeated Melanie Levesque(D)

I just let Skip and Steve know the news: @Skip @Steve On the ground report from 4:38 PM Avard recount: A few minutes earlier: “Melanie is looking glum   and there is Chinese woman filming everything and broadcasting in Chinese . What a day!!” Final outcome: “According to Secretary of State counts the final tally prior …

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Town of Hollis

Hollis Republican Voter Guide 2020

Good morning, and I hope as many of us as possible will be out at the polls today, November 3rd, choosing the best possible men and women to represent us in Washington and Concord. The list here is Hollis-centric, but covers candidates of interest to greater Nashua, and further west. First of a quick checklist …

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