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Speaker Removes John Burt – Only Suspends Tamara Le

You’ll remember just last week Representative Tamara Le, D-North Hampton, went on a Facebook tirade that ended with “F*** private and religious schools.” After the story was brought to you by GraniteGrok and NH Journal (who first broke the story,) over 600 petitions demanding Le’s removal from the Education Committee were delivered to Speaker Shurtleff …

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John Burt at NHGOP State Party Meeting

A Quick Stroll Through the NHGOP…

We had our share of technical challenges today. So, streaming the NHGOP Republican State Committee Meeting did not happen. Instead, we did some “live” blogging and Facebook updates. We reported the winners of the elections the moment they were announced. And Skip recorded some interviews and captured the speechifying of the new party leadership. Those …

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Should John Burt Run Against Dem. State Sen. Lou D’Allesandro?

House Rep. John Burt talks about the media, constitutional carry, what a waste of space Washington DC is, and his next run for public office. Should he run for Congress, challenge Democrat Lou D’Allesandro for the NH State Senate, or how about staying in the NH House and running for Speaker?

GT Flashback Jan. 11th, 2014

From Jan 14th, 2014 – Rep. Jane Cormier discusses a bill to undercut the abusive power of unelected regional planning commissions. We’ve also got Rep. John Burt, and Max Abramson joins us to discuss charges of police brutality.

NH Politics with John Burt – John Interviews Bill O’Brien

New Hampshire House Representative John Burt interviews NH House Rep and former New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien about the new session, proposed laws, Rule 63, and more…(Links to all the discussion topics available here.)