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Sun King Sununu

So, Now We Know What Sun-King Sununu Really Means by “Unity”

According to the NeverTrump website NHJournal, Sun-King Sununu is calling for UNITY within the GOP. However, the Sun-King’s words and actions during and since yesterday’s Executive Council meeting reveal that when the Sun-King says “unity” what he really means is unquestioning obedience … to the Sun-King.

New Hampshire Blocks Taxpayer Funding For Planned Parenthood

Wednesday morning, the NH Executive Council met at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua to vote on awarding family planning contracts. When the councilors arrived for breakfast at 8 am, they were greeted by Jason Hennessey, President of New Hampshire Right to Life, and Mariah, Regional Coordinator for Students for Life, and their supporters.

Gilford Republican Ballot 2020-09-08 FI

My choices for tomorrow?

We get a ton of requests “Who should I vote for”; not just for GraniteGrok but pretty much all of the Groksters. We can’t answer all questions and we give out very few recommendations (this cycle, only two: Steve Negron (NH CD-2) and Karen Testerman (NH Governor). My choices, if it matters? None of these …

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