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Seems Like the Rebellion Is Telling the Empire to Stick It

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To recap:  NH Governer Baby Huey had a hissy (“quacky”?) fit at a Republican NH House Caucus. How DARE YOU in ruining my chances for a fourth term as Gov!!

OK, he didn’t say that but he was quite incensed that there were some “Republicans” that were not hewing to his personal line of “Ixnay the AccineVay AndateMay” and how DARE you keep on the Voter Fraud stuff!”  After all, he’s both omniscient and omnipotent as in “Public Health trumps ALL” (including the Constitution).

A majority of NH GOP County Republican Committees, standing up for THEIR constituents, pushed out and almost unanimously passed two Resolutions on Vaccine Mandates and Having their NH State Executive Councilors investigate the arrests that happened at the last two meetings (see below).

So much for listening to Gov. Tone Deaf, eh?  And the NH GOP for issuing a “you recalcitrant children, fall into line!” which I posted here (“Where Gov. Chris Sununu Picks a Fight with His Republican Base“) with no small amount of fisking (e.g., the “This is not Republicanism. This is not conservative,” ruler on wrists treatments).

Sidenote: again, we haven’t learned, with proof, who wrote that “Team NH GOP” blaster fire as a shot across the Rebellion’s bow but from what the little birdies are telling me, there is one person whose name keeps getting repeated. Thus, it’s like playing TV’s  “Survivor” except put the modifier “Political” in front of it and someone is about to get blindsided). We’ll let you know when a chink in the Dark Side opens up a bit more.

Methinks that GraniteGrok is about to go back into the “persona non-grata” category again. C’est la, I guess.

Well, when you start to bully people, many will remain silent and then slink away – they bow on bended knees thinking either they don’t have the ability to resist – or the courage to do so. However, some will look at the bully with a squinty-eyed glare and then tell the people around them “Here, hold my beer.” And so, a return salvo was sent back at Emperor Palpatine NH Governor Chris Sununu and the wholly “in pocket” NH GOP.

I have taken the liberty of bolding what I think is interesting, important, or amusing:

Dear NHGOP State Committee Member:

This past Friday at 3:04 pm, 400+ Republican State Committee members were sent a scolding email from “Team NHGOP,” which took to task a majority of the County Republican Committees that dared to consider and pass two motions in support of the citizens of New Hampshire.  A majority of the County Republican Committees!  If you haven’t yet seen it, that email is attached below.

In sending this email and signing it “Team NHGOP,” the author presumes that he speaks for all New Hampshire Republicans.  There was no meeting of the NH GOP Exec. Board to specifically discuss this matter or vote on the contents of this response.  If anyone can claim the mantle of “Team NHGOP,” it is the majority of the County Republican Committees that have stepped forward to represent the citizens of New Hampshire by adopting these two motions.  We are perplexed and distressed as to why initiative on behalf of the people is being denigrated.

The first motion was a simple, respectful request that the Governor call a special session of the legislature to address the threat to our State and personal sovereignty and our personal livelihoods from the Federal vaccine mandates.  Six of New Hampshire’s ten County Republican Committees and two smaller committees have adopted this, most unanimously, with only 4 individual dissenting votes across the entire state. The subject matter is of immediate and overwhelming concern to the adopting counties.

The reason it is necessary to ask the Governor to call this special session is the narrowness of our majority in the House.  It would require a 2/3 vote for the Legislature to call this special session itself, an impossibility given its current makeup.  Additionally, time is an imperative. People are losing their jobs and their livelihoods.  Families are being thrown into crisis and uncertainty.  The House’s amendment to HB255 is a good start, but it cannot even begin to make its way through all the Legislature’s many wickets until January at the earliest.

Simply adding New Hampshire’s name to a lawsuit which will take months or years to play out, doesn’t do nearly enough to protect those under immediate threat of losing their jobs.  The “stay” imposed by the 5th District court offers some temporary protective measures, but shall we presume this will remain in effect, and trust that the final outcome will be sufficient to fully protect Granite Staters from the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional mandate?  This call for a special session could do so much more and clearly has majority support across our State.  It is both important and urgent.  Perhaps most significantly, it is an opportunity to show all voters that the Republican Party is acting on their behalf.

The second motion was born out of a conversation between Executive Councilor Joe Kenney and Dr. David Strang of Belknap County on Nov. 2nd.  They discussed the arrest of 9 citizens at the Oct. 13th G&C meeting.  Councilor Kenney was already on the record stating he saw no disruption, did not feel threatened and felt an investigation into these arrests was warranted.

In that Nov. 2nd call, Councilor Kenney stated that if his constituents came forward and requested an investigation, he would agree to publicly pursue one.  This motion has also been adopted by every county committee that has completed their vote, with only 5 dissenting votes across the entire State!  This too clearly has majority support of our County Republican Committee members.

It is utterly perplexing to us why, when we are doing the work of the citizens of our various counties, and responding to a request from an Executive Councilor, we, the majority of the County Republican Committees of New Hampshire, are being publicly rebuked for showing leadership.  We urge all county committees that have not addressed these two motions to do so and join us in speaking with a single, united voice for the citizens of New Hampshire.  Both motions are attached below for your consideration.


Norm Silber, Chair, Belknap County Republican Committee

Paul Terry, Vice-Chair, Belknap County Republican Committee

David Strang, Treasurer, Belknap County Republican Committee

Marc Abear, Member-at-large, Belknap County Republican Committee

Wendy Richardson, Chair, Carroll County Republican Committee

Eli D. Clemmer, Chair, Coos County Republican Committee

Spencer S. Fortier, Vice-Chair, Coos County Republican Committee

Jakob Unger, Treasurer, Coos County Republican Committee
Mark Evans, Secretary, Coos County Republican Committee

Jose Cambrils, Treasurer, Merrimack County Republican Committee

Note: The current chair, Scot Maltzi, was so incensed that he was on the south end of a 25-3 vote in favor of the Resolutions that he refused to sign. Looking to be in good stead with the GOPe, I guess.

Sandy Geisler, Secretary, Rockingham County Republican Committee

Seamus Casey, Chair, Strafford County Republican Committee

Rep. Aidan Ankarberg, Vice-Chair, Strafford County Republican Committee

Michael Aron, Chair, Sullivan County Republican Committee

Lori Korzen, Chair, Berlin Area Republican Committee

Stuart Light, Vice-Chair, Berlin Area Republican Committee

Eli D. Clemmer, Treasurer, Berlin Area Republican Committee

Mark Evans, Secretary, Berlin Area Republican Committee

John Garrison, Chair, Lancaster Area Republican Committee

Bruce Hicks, Vice-Chair, Lancaster Area Republican Committee

Ree Feller, Treasurer, Lancaster Area Republican Committee

Seth King, Secretary, Lancaster Area Republican Committee

Steve Steiner, Chair, Mt. Washington Valley Republican Committee

Carlton Cooper, Chair, Rochester Regional Republican Committee
Rep. Aidan Ankarberg, Vice Chair, Rochester Regional Republican Committee

Priscilla Terry, Co-Chair, Tri-County Republicans

David Strang, Treasurer, Tri-County Republicans


So, Emperor Palpatine (aka, NH Governor Chris Sununu), the turn is yours. It seems that more Committees have signed onto these Resolutions than when I first blogged about this. I am also being told that there may well be more coming as well. Are the X-wing fighters flights now taking flight with the bombers right behind them?  Is the Death Star warming up?

The political question at had is who is going to blink first at this game of Chicken?

My answer to the question, however, is yet another question. I think, is properly framed as:

Who needs whom MORE?

Do the Committees around the State, who are nominally under the thumb of Sununu/NH GOP, need Sununu to be successful?  Or does Sununu need THEM more with the upcoming Primary and General Election?  Who is more important to the Party – the volunteers at the bottom of the pyramid or the elected officers at the top?  Who is supposed to serve whom?

Another couple of questions: Does the NH GOP remember what they did to Joe Kenney’s run for Governor?  And will the Committees pull a second act (and maybe a two-fer for BOTH Kenney and Sununu)?  All that is required from the Committees is a bit of “lip service” and they can say that they “served the Party” just like the NH GOP said “they served nominee Kenney” back then.

And there is one very important thing about being a Leader:  If no one is behind you following you, are you truly leading?

I’m betting that this Is To Be Continued


Federal Vaccine Mandate Resolution:

Belknap County Republican Committee
The following motion was unanimously adopted by the General Members of the Belknap County Republican Committee, at their meeting on November 10, 2021, in Gilford, New Hampshire:

We, the members of the Belknap County Republican Committee, find Federal vaccine mandates to be a threat to and a violation of our State sovereignty, personal sovereignty and personal livelihoods as protected under Article 7 of the New Hampshire State Constitution. As Governor Sununu has publicly stated that he does not agree with these mandates, we request that he call a special legislative session to further address this threat and violation, as called for in Article 31 of the New Hampshire State Constitution.

Belknap County Republican Committee
November 10, 2021


Moved, that the Members of the Belknap County Republican Committee urge Executive Councilor Joe Kenney to call for an investigation, preferably by an independent third party named by the Executive Council, into unresolved troubling questions related to actions taken by the New Hampshire State Police at the October 13, 2021 meeting of the Executive Council. We desire that the investigation shall query as to why certain members of the public attending the meeting were arrested; who determined why and on what basis(es) these persons were arrested; whether or not charges have yet been filed against persons arrested; what the charges are, if so filed; and, the involvement at any point prior to, during or after the meeting by the Governor; that the investigatory report shall be presented to the Executive Council within thirty (30) days; and, that unless otherwise prohibited by law, make a full report to the people of New Hampshire that includes the full written report of the investigating person(s).

MOTION upon passage of the previous motion (above)

The County Chairman is directed to transmit this motion to Executive Councilor Joe Kenney, as soon as is practicably possible.