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Carol Shea Porter’s Ignorance & Arrogance Tour

Ms. Carol, central-planning-government-first-teabgger-we-dont-need-to-vote-on-that-to-deem-it-passed-Shea-Porter (D-Utopia) is doing town halls over the Easter recess in which (I suspect) she will try explaining how good insurance reform will be for us.  If she gets the chance.  Most of the people who will come out to meet her, other than the assigned Liberal Pride groupies, union hacks, and women’s studies laureates, know more about the legislation than she.  And with any luck, a few of them will honor the Shea-Porter of old and get uppity and verbally disruptive so we can all write more blogs calling her a hypocrite when she gets them thrown out.

While I commend her for doing the tour, had insurance reform not passed we can bet she’d be in hiding, but in either case Carol still has plenty to answer for.

Rep Carol needs to explain why, despite repeated promises at Pay-Go and the recent Potemkin legislation/show-signing of the concept, she continues to spend your money by the billions?  She won’t own up to the deficit she passed in the waning Bush years so I don’t expect she feels any remorse about the trillions she has piled up since then, but we deserve even her stuttering, hackneyed pivot on the matter, at least for the public record.

On the subject of ethics, Carol can claim to have returned money to Charlie Rangel’s PAC under pressure, but not Murtha’s or anyone else’s.  And despite reading and re-reading the dog-eared Post-it notes she was given by Pelosi to explain how she too would help drain the Swamp, since her service to the people of New Hampshire began it has grown into a fully navigable estuary with casino boats full of legislators and lobbyists betting taxpayer dollars as they look out over Pelosi International Airport on the nearest shore, where the fleet of congressional pleasure craft are hangered–complete with catered meal service and wet bar; family packages are available.

Carol can’t even get her war stance right.  She was against the war in Iraq and for the war in Afghanistan because her base was, and “that’s where the real terrorists were.”  But when the plan was laid out to go get the real terrorists, she was against that. So much for the rhetoric.  When she recently had the chance to vote for a full retreat post-haste she voted against that, and she continues to vote for bills that include funding, and if I’m not mistaken supported the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, which used to violate our rights until she was in charge of defending them, and Obama was the one violating them.

Then there is insurance reform.  It is a massive expansion of government so she has to love it.  But it will not do any of the things she claims within the cost frame work she advertises.  Most importantly, it will kill the private sector job market, drive retirees out of cheaper employer plans and on to more expensive Medicare plans–evaporating 5.7 billion in estimated savings and adding that and more in unanticipated costs.  That’s costs her party was afraid to anticipate because it would make it harder to bribe the bill into law.  Shea-Porter Care will disincentivize income growth and crowd out the under-employed and low income workers.  This cost shifting arrangement and the fiscal hit on business will also promote a two class employment environment in which big labor will ride like a white knight to secure "good paying jobs" with "a living wage" for Middle class Americans," at greater expense reducing employment further.

So she is driving people into taxpayer supported services with no money to fund them, and spending money we don’t have, for which she promises almost none of us will have to pay.  Not possible.  This will (of course) make debt relief impossible even with massive tax increases on everyone, which will do even more damage to the private sector job picture and domestic tranquility in general.   And unless you’re a Liberal Pride-anti-American-Kool-aid drinking moron, you know that government can’t run without money from somewhere else.  When there is no more somewhere else, the whole thing collapses.

This leads us to Carol’s biggest congressional sin.

Even if we ignore taxes Carol approved to give SCHIP to children who are neither disadvantaged nor even children, and make a doe-eyed acceptance that the federal governments exponential spending binge will not somehow affect 95% of taxpayers, her actions have still crammed down billions of dollars in costs to the states who will have to tax everyone and everything just to keep the wheels near the bus let alone on them.  Has she no culpability for allowing the federal government through policy she backed to drive up taxes and costs (and reducing growth and opportunity) at the state level?  What the hell do we send House Reps to Washington to do if not protect us from this very thing?

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