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Fact Check (Dot) Wrong

It’s not news that FactCheck.org is run by the Annenberg Foundation, which is one of many Soros left wing cash machines giving grants to liberals and non-profits set up to destroy freedom in America.  So to even venture that FactCheck.org might have a bias seems like a waste of perfectly good digital trees.  But sometimes it’s too good to resist.

Yesterday I wrote this about the Seiu-Porter campaigns response to an Ad by George Pataki. (Didn’t he play Lt Sulu?)  Pataki, the former moderate (small r) republican governor of New York–is that redundant?–fronted the Ad through a group called Revere America, a 527 /non profit.  Fact check, fact cheeked the ad, but got a few ‘facts’ wrong.

Right off the bat they call Revere America a Conservative group.  It is not.  It is a group that creates awareness on emerging legislation with an eye towards the traditions of freedom and free markets.  Health care is neither, thus the ad campaign against those who support it.

Fact Check then points out some vague references which I admit have merit as supposition, but then they drop the ball completely.

  • The ad falsely calls the health care law "government-run health care." The truth is that — while the legislation will expand regulation of the insurance industry — it builds on our current private health care system and expands business for private insurers.
  • The ad claims "costs will go up," when, in fact, premium costs for most Americans are predicted to stay the same or decrease slightly from where they normally would be. And for many others, federal subsidies will offset premium increases.

The government is mandating insurance, terms of coverage, restricting limits, and has handed massive amounts of power to the Secretary of HHS to manage the industry.  If that’s not ‘running’ health care, what is?

To suggest this bill expands business for private insurers is also a stock lie unless you mean that it rewards the corporate socialist players while destroying small insurance companies and small insurance businesses.  The big players are guaranteed 300 million customers, have made their Faustian bargain, but at the expense of every other player in the market–orchestrated by liberals in the federal government.

Again, to suggest this is not controlling his simply beyond believability. 

Insurance companies have already increased the cost of coverage because of ObamaCare.  They have dropped coverage they can no longer afford to support.  Doctors are trying to avoid federal programs because they lose too much money, including refusing Medicare and Medicaid patients who can’t even use Medicare advantage to supplement the welfare aid because the democrats killed that program.  All of this is orchestrated by the federal law.  So to claim a "prediction" is a "fact," in the face of the facts that refute the prediction is biased, partisan, and just wrong.

Fact Check has gone off the deep end in its partisan support, marking them again as the left wing shill they truly are.