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Health Care

Strong Arm?

Rumor Has it that any democrat who wants Obama to campaign for them come November had best vote for health care.  Joe Biden too. How arrogant can you get?  Does he actually think that’s going to work?  Obama has been the kiss of death to any democrat who runs for office.  And Biden.  You might as …

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He Doth Protest Too Much

Paul  Hodes is out there talking up a storm about how he’s “not going to be bullied into changing his position” on Health care.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  I never realized he had his own position, but if that’s what he’s calling it fine. But consider this first because it tells …

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Suicide Watch

I’ve been contemplating this off and on for weeks.  That the democrat leadership is all in on the statist agenda and that they can probably get the votes needed to push large chunks of their agenda up Pennsylvania Avenue, no matter how loudly or how often the electorate objects.  Andy McCarthy over on The Corner …

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   Paul Hodes is a dope.  A big dope.  And as proof we have this recent quote from this morning’s Union leader. "The promise of reform – bringing costs down for New Hampshire families, enabling small businesses to create jobs, increasing access to the doctor of your choice, and breaking insurance companies’ ability to discriminate …

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