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What kind of privilege is it

What Kind of Privilege Is That?

Did you see? Multiple-felony-conviction George Floyd’s funeral was on television. Isn’t it strange how you could watch that televised funeral? It was a public event with hundreds in attendance, hundreds in attendance. There is a message in who a community chooses to memorialize.


Let’s Give them a Graduation Ceremony

We’ve all heard the term, closure.  It refers to a psychological resolution to a problem or an issue that allows a person to “move past” that problem or issue.  We use various terms to show how closure is achieved: the “5 stages of grief”, complete recovery from alcoholism or drug dependency, etc.

How to End School Bullying

In Robert Heinlein’s story ‘Friday’, the California Confederacy, noting that Californians with college degrees earn more than those with high school diplomas alone, enacts a law granting all citizens a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from high school.

Thanks to All Who Have Sent Me Death Threats…

The tolerant left makes a case for a law-abiding armed public after Kaitlin Bennett posts a picture with her scary rifle. Something she is allowed to do as a graduate of Kent State (carry a firearm on campus), but not as a student.