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Got Civility?

Are These Your New Hampshire Values? The Lee Nyquist Edition

Democrat Lee Nyquist is a New Hampshire Democrat running for the State Senate in District 9.    Nyquist has embraced the Democrat state party narrative in which every Democrat from Shea-Porter and McKluster (running for congress), all the way down to every “Democrat running for anything” is running against the TEA Party. As part of …

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“In hindsight it may even seem inevitable that a socialist society will starve when it runs out of capitalists.”  —Larry Niven How does one become an Occupy Wall Street Protestor? A quest for understanding in a somewhat complicated topic. Why? Because there are some who seem to demonstrate a modicum of intelligence and articulate usage …


Meet Terie “Billion Dollar Deficit” Vu.

NH Journal is reporting more fear-mongering from the left, and from the usual suspects. Teri “Billion Dollar Deficit” Norelli (D- scaring women and children), is promising us that the Republican Budget will ‘put peoples lives at risk.

Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way

“Political Incivility is Not the New Hampshire Way” is the title of Jeanne Shaheen’s Op-Ed in the Morning Sunday News. I can only assume she is not familiar with her own State Democrat Party leadership, some of the people who have helped her get elected like Kathy Sullivan, and others; people who are on the record saying any number of uncivil things.

The Implosion Of Another Left Wing ‘Institution’

NPR is dodging bullets at a time when it was already facing an uphill battle to justify continued taxpayer funding. So saving an executive expose the network culture on hidden video is the last thing they needed. And while NPR runs duck and cover, pointing out that they guy was quitting anyway, they don’t seem to have anything to say about the other NPR exec at the table who was not.

Union Thuggery -Coming Soon To A State House near You.

I was just thinking back to all the loose talk from the left about ending the gun ban in the New Hampshire State House. How they imagined someone just unloading over testimony supporting same sex marriage–to use one example–kids getting cut down in the cross-fire. And how they fell over themselves trying to scare parents into keeping their children from ever visiting the place because it was now just too dangerous.

Dear New Hampshire Democrat Party…

Given you gentle spleens when it comes to matters of incivility, we on the right would like you to comment on this email, sent by pro union left wing forces, to elected Republican legislators in Wisconsin.

Newt Gingrich – Car Bomber

Chris Matthews being himself–and sorry in advance. No one should really have to have breakfast and then see Chris Matthews demonstrate civility, but this is just too funny.

Wisconsin Gold

In just a few days the unions and democrats gathering in Wisconsin have provided us with a treasure trove. They have bussed in AstroTurf with connections to the White House, backing the big business unions, bearing more Hitler signs in a few miles than since Hilter was alive.