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Are These Your New Hampshire Values? The Lee Nyquist Edition

Democrat Lee Nyquist is a New Hampshire Democrat running for the State Senate in District 9.    Nyquist has embraced the Democrat state party narrative in which every Democrat from Shea-Porter and McKluster (running for congress), all the way down to every “Democrat running for anything” is running against the TEA Party.

As part of this fiction Nyqusist claims he is for “New Hampshire Values not TEA Party values.”  That’s what the ad says.  But anyone who knows how Democrats govern (and how they governed New Hampshire)  would be right to ask how thier  “Big Government tax and spend Massachusetts Values” could ever be passed off as New Hampshire values?

New Hampshire Democrats voted to suppress political speech, to institute top-down, state-mandated price controls on your doctor and local hospitals, they demanded and continue to demand abortion up to and including at birth, and have demonstrated that growing the size and cost of the bureaucracy and state government is their first priority, regardless of the economy or your ability to pay for it.    That’s a short list of heavy hitters, none of which is a NH Value, and things the TEA Party opposes.

In a state that consistently opposes broad based taxes, Democrats trip over each other year after year to pass one and if they tell you they wont vote for it if it comes up they are lying.  (Is honesty a NH Value, becasue we could talk for hours about how Democrats have lied or mislead you to get get elected.)

Speaking of that, Nyquist is a guy who is literally running to “return civility to Concord.”  It’s on his campaign page.  But his own campaign manager is the person who, off the top of this head, standing next to a video camera–in a room full of Democrats, upon hearing the question of how to beat Republicans in November–said ‘Beat them with a bat.’

Civility?  Really?  Kevin Hodges didn’t even think twice about saying it, and a room full of Goffstown Democrats, as well as your parties candidate for Governor, laughed when he said it.  Ha – ha.  Beat, kick, and punch Republicans.  Tee-hee.  And for good measure, we’ve seen Democrat rule.  There is nothing civil about it.

But Nyquist never appears to have considered the contradiction of these diametrically opposed ideas.  He’s just hoping no one will challenge him on it, or take the time to remind the voters what a hypocrite he his.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Consider this;  the TEA party stood up to defend the Constitution, fiscal prudence,  small, efficient and responsible government, and a preference for local control and personal freedom over expensive government regulation and central control.   Nyquist and fiction department at the State party headquarters would like to you believe different, but those are the core values of the TEA Party.

Is Nyquist suggesting that small efficient government, local control, and low taxes are not New Hampshire values?

Is he suggesting the New Hampshire voters want an inefficient leviathan government that drains their wallets to over-regulate every aspect of their lives?   Becasue those are New Hampshire Democrat values.

Maybe you could just put ‘Democrat’ in there to add some truth to your fiction, like this…

Lee Nyquist- New Hampshire Democrat Values, not TEA Party values?

That’s honest.  So why can’t you do that Lee?  If Democrat values are so much better, so much more in line with New Hampshire values, why aren’t you or any other Democrat using this tag line for your campaign…

“Democrat Values not TEA Party values.”

Do you and the candidates in your own party believe their is something wrong with Democrat values, such that you cannot include them in your ad?   Don’t you even believe in your own rhetoric enough to proudly put it out front for everyone to see?  Why aren’t you advertising your parties well documents four year history of unhindered governance as the shining example of a future with folks like you back at the levers of power?

Would people immediately question the incongruity of four years of unopposed Democrat party rule in the Granite State with what they would consider to be their own ‘New Hampshire Values?”

I have already provided the answer.   New Hampshire Democrat values are more like Nancy Pelosi Values.  Spend silly and grow government so you have to add new taxes to pay for it.  Downshift costs on towns, build up the bureaucratic regulatory state to shield elected officials, entrench public union power to finance future campaigns, and operate state government on a constant crisis budget so you can cram through taxes in the middle of the night to pay for it.

Are those New Hampshire values?  I think those are Massachusetts Values.  Maybe even California.  But not New Hampshire.  Not even close.