PHOTOMENTARY: Scenes From Outside the Trump RallyPHOTOMENTARY: Scenes From Outside the Trump Rally - Granite Grok

PHOTOMENTARY: Scenes From Outside the Trump Rally

While Trump supporters still fill the SNHU Arena for the rally tonight, I thought I’d share some scenes from outside of the rally that I took earlier.

The line went on for a really long way… not sure where it eventually ended:

Yes, this guy was on stilts:

Just a bit of an idea of what it looked like at the beginning of the line where the entrance was:

Rally goers couldn’t bring signs into the rally but that didn’t stop them from holding them outside while they were waiting in line:

Steve Negron, Republican Candidate for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District, hoping to finally oust the horrid Anne Kuster:

There were also some Republican Legislators in attendance, Scott Wallace and his lovely wife are below:

Greg Hill and the Honorable Lisa Freeman:

Volunteers in the VIP booth were also familiar Republican volunteer faces:

There were also some protesters, as promised but for all the hate they spew, their numbers didn’t match so much. Maybe some of them got stuck in traffic on the way up from Massachusetts.


Local Manchester Activist Greg Salts attempting to chat with protesters:

What would a left-wing rally be without paid protesters from abortion corporation, Planned Parenthood:

Right before I went into the rally, Manchester’s finest made a showing down the street:

We’re inside now, the President isn’t scheduled to arrive and being speaking until 7PM but I wanted to share some of the outside photos while we’re waiting.