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The Purge

It seems the FBI, through the DOJ, is in the process of “investigating” a number of those who were outspoken about the attempted coup to undo the Trump campaign and his presidency.

The (Arguably) Most Important Question in the Gubernatorial Race That Everyone is Ignoring

Do you remember the ConVal education funding lawsuit? From my post back in June of last year: So last week, a single Superior Court Judge decided he was the State’s Education-Czar and implicitly ordered -while, of course, claiming he was doing no such thing- the State to -at a minimum- triple spending on public education …

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Federal Authorities Charge Nineteen with Voter Fraud

The US Attorney’s Office, Middle District of North Carolina, has arrested and charged nineteen individuals with voter fraud and other related violations. In each case, the individual is a non-citizen who voted illegally in a Federal election.

Jerry Delemus

Who Should Not Be in Jail? Jerry Delemus!

Violent Communist agitators backed by millions in donated funds are wreaking as much pre-election organized havoc as possible.  Progressives in Hollywood as well as Democrat elites are complicit in burning down their own cities as angry communists claim the surrendered land as their own.


Election Offical Admits: Democrat’s Paid Him To Stuff Ballot Boxes

Vote fraud happens all the time. In New Hampshire (for example), they convince everyone to let out-of-state-tuition paying college kids cast ballots for NH Democrats. Disagreeing is vote suppression. As if the dopey bastards can’t vote by mail back home. Nope, do that here. Or, maybe, you just bribe election officials.

Rule Of Law

Does the Flynn Dismissal Put the Rule of Law at Risk

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley is an American attorney, writer, commentator, and legal analyst. He appears in broadcast and print journalism. Jonathan Turley is a professor at the George Washington University Law School and has testified in Congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues.

China Is A Bigger Threat Than Russia

China Is A Bigger Threat Than Russia

Attorney General (AG) William Barr has labeled China the greatest national security threat facing the United States. He did so in an interview that Fox News aired last Wednesday. In it, he says Beijing poses a greater challenge to U.S. election security in 2020 than Russia.