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America with chinese characteristics Flag

Democrat Bucket List: An America with Chinese Characteristics

China is a communist country. Making people disappear is a thing you don’t ask about unless you want to disappear. Rights are not a thing; you don’t have any. But the CCP discovered something important. Markets. Communism needs money, but communism is a disincentive to create wealth.

Gun barrel muzzle

Guns, Libs, and Truth Bombs

I’ve said this before but probably not recently. It relates to one of the primary reasons why Democrats hate private gun ownership. Or, at least my armchair psychology opinion on the matter. A theory based on years of observations.

We Need All the Help We Can Get

So, What’s “The Plan” for Next Flu Season?

Globally as many as 500,000 people, mostly the sick and elderly, die every year from influenza. Every year. And I only bring it up because, as we report on the #ReopenNH Rally, and similar events around the nation, people are suggesting we want to make people sick, and die.

Refusing To Fund Small Business Rescue Loans.

Refusing To Fund Small Business Rescue Loans

It has been a week since the Senate attempted to add funding to the PPP. Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat acolytes are refusing to fund loans to save small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. She refuses to acknowledge the government took away the right of these businesses to operate.