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Jab Judo: The Pharmacist Gambit

In Jab Judo I discussed using the Vaxxer’s rules and terminology against them – following the Left’s “patron saint” Saul Alinsky and – specifically – his Rule 4:

A Quick Post: Normalizing Heart Attacks

In Potassium Metathorinate I described a sci-fi story with the plot device of a hallucinogenic additive in the population’s food that made them compliant, obedient, and lacking of any curiosity about anything contrary to The Narrative presented by the government.

jfk peaceful and violent revolutions

Paging JFK…

I have watched many video clips of protests against Jab mandates globally, and see growing numbers of instances of police behaving like actual brownshirts, not the admirable men & women in blue that I’ve respected in the past – Australia being a most notable example, one video: