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Potassium Metathorinate

Please forgive the click-bait title… you probably said “Potassium Meta-WTF-is-he-talking-about”?

In my youth my father bought me a collection of sci-fi stories, The Other Side of Tomorrow.  Somewhat dark and dystopian, though nothing like Animal Farm, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, or Brave New World – classic must-reads all – most of the stories painted a less-than-rosy picture of the future.  I liked them a lot, which may say more about me than I care… regardless, onward.  The story to which I refer specifically is A Bowl of Biskies Makes a Growing Boy.

(Smug aside: I was pleased as punch at the fact that I had not looked at the book since college when I gave the book to charity… and still remembered the correct spelling of the chemical name having just bought a used copy to check and refresh my memory.  I’m glad I bought the book as you’ll see from the quotations I pull from it, below.)



In this story the main character, George Williams (remember the name), inferentially in high school, lives in a huge apartment building in what is, again inferentially, a crammed-in-cheek-to-jowl megacity*.  He reads the ingredients list for the cereal Biskies that he has for breakfast every morning for the umpteenth time and suddenly notices that his breakfast food has this chemical, Potassium Metathorinate, as one of the ingredients.  His curiosity aroused, he does some research at the school’s library and finds a research paper from years ago that identifies it as a hallucinogenic chemical:

He studied the article closely, reading it over and over.  The researchers described how the ingestion of potassium metathorinate could leave a patient wide open to any dramatization going on around him.  He would latch on to any forceful personality in the show and drop his own identity, literally becoming the other person for a long period.  George thought of the effect of watching TV after having loaded up with potassium metathorinate.

The possibilities frightened him.  He had eaten tons of Biskies in his time.  Fortunately, he almost never watched TV.

George approaches one of his favorite teachers, explains his discovery and expresses concerns about this chemical being used in food, and is told point-blank (bolding added):

“We’ve studied these things extensively in class.  You know how the components of manufactured products are controlled by the Government today.  You can answer your own question, can’t you, George?”

“The answer should be that the article is wrong.  These researchers reached some wrong conclusions.  The Government wouldn’t allow use of the chemical if it were dangerous.”

“You’ve answered your own question.”

George hesitated.  “But what if – what if somehow the researchers are right?  What if somebody in the Government has made a mistake or become careless?  This could be a terribly serious thing.”

Professor Thompson’s face sobered again.  He placed his hands on George’s soulders and looked him in the eyes.  “It could indeed be serious – if you persist in that kind of thing… The Government doesn’t make mistakes of that magnitude.”

“This chemical, potassium metathorinate, is in authorized use in a product distributed under Government license.  It can’t be questioned without harm to yourself.”

George surveys the foods in his family’s kitchen – the chemical is in virtually every food.

George later goes back to the library to find the article and do more research on the authors and finds that the article has disappeared.  When he questions the librarian and says that it’s clear it’s been removed as he’d looked at it just yesterday, and cites the call number for it that he’d written down, the librarian responds with (bolding added):

“That’s ridiculous.  You know that, don’t you?  Things like that just don’t happen.  You can only get yourself in trouble by saying things like that.”

George realizes that the only way the library could have pulled that article was his teacher, whom he trusted, filing a report.  As the story develops, he realizes that this hypnotic chemical helps program society through TV shows and “news” and such, suppressing any skepticism and leaving the viewers open to… suggestion.  After purifying and isolating the chemical, and ingesting it, he has a reaction of an addict suddenly given a massive dose of his drug (bolding added):

He pondered the effects of the chemical.  It didn’t work all by itself.  There was a correlation between the distribution of the drug and TV work.  The TV scripts were designed to induce a certain emotional state, but they were effective only if the viewer was under the influence of metathorinate.

This simple fact meant there was a vast coordination between the TV producers and the processors of bread, jam, and vegetables, Biskies, and anything else preserved with the chemical.

Such coordination could come about in only one way: through government control.

The more George thought about it, the more he realized it was consistent with the pattern of modern history which he had studied at school.  Although the facts had been doctored to fit the approved historical concepts, they could not conceal the evidence of increasing strangulation of individual lives

At the end of the story, surviving several assassination attempts that were clearly spurred by a hastily-made-and-filmed TV movie about a rebellious trouble-maker, “George Walters” (I told you to remember his name), thinly disguised to target him, he meets other kids who have found similar things in a school of special purpose they’ve been brought to.  One kid had discovered subliminal messages in TV shows; another found that it’s run by an organization, with all communications filtered by a computer (AI anyone?)… sounding very familiar with the Great Reset, actually:

“This is utopia,” the girl continued bitterly.  “The goal of mankind through the ages.  Ecological problems all solved.  Population regulated so it can’t get out of hand.  No social dissent.  A controlled level of income, determined by a computer, which will keep each person content within his natural limitations.  Nobody thinks.  Nobody steps out of line.  They let a few frictions exist, a few personal problems – just enough to keep you thinking you are free.”

Yes, familiar indeed.



Aldous Huxley, author of the aforementioned Brave New World, discussed the passivation of the populace:

“There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it.”

― Aldous Huxley

What do we have?  Massive numbers of people on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, mood stabilizers, etc.  We also have our electronic soma, i.e., cell phones – pulling us in and causing us to disengage with each other in physical space to prioritize the virtual world and enthrall us with electronic dopamine addition.



We have a Big Tech surveillance state, through social media and the internet, that would have made the IngSoc government of Orwell’s aforementioned 1984 Jones in envy.  And through our smart phones we often do it unknowingly.



We have the destruction of history through Critical Race Theory, the “1619 Project”, Woke schools, all channeling the lessons of the Marxianic Zealots committed to their faith and making their Long March through the institutions.  And while books are not being literally burned – yet – a la Fahrenheit 451, we are seeing the great works of Western Civilization being derided if not outright disappeared, the notable statues of great men torn down, and our culture painted as irredeemably evil – and thus not just ripe for destruction and replacement but deserving destruction and replacement.



And through the fear porn of Covid driving people to inject an agent that is looking more and more lethal both immediately as well as genocidal long-term through reduced fertility / outright sterilization, plus the gaslighting by the enemedia outright denying it, we’re seeing the Great Culling coming as well.  As my former host wrote, discussing the globalist / population reductionist (link in the original):

On March 2, 3, and 4 of this year, the Texas Academy of Sciences held its annual conclave, at which it awarded a certain Eric Pianka, a biologist at the University of Texas, with its Distinguished Texas Scientist Award. Whatever Dr. Pianka’s achievements as a researcher or educator might be, they were overshadowed, for the moment at least, by his proposition that 90% of the human race must die…

We have a sub rosa push for a single world currency and an all-electronic cashless society, with (some) people embracing it’s “convenience” enthusiastically.



And in China the sheeple praise their own enslavement by social credit scores:



These people have, through education and media and dopamine and social media addition, come to love Big Brother and their diminution from individual and sovereign beings to merely cogs in The State.

The books I mentioned before were written as warnings… and they’re being used as manuals.  Or, donning my foil hat, were they manuals and predictive programming, to be used to deride and dismiss persons like me who attempt to warn?  Remember, the globalists have been planning this for a long, long time – they’re insane, they’re dedicated to The Cause, but they’re not stupid.


georgia guidestone


So… what’s in your food?  Your medications?  What subliminal messages are already being broadcast to you, to be consumed in your dopamine-addled state on your smartphone?  And wouldn’t some kind of hypnotic, whether chemical or electronic or both, go far in explaining the utter passivity in the vast majority to – indeed, the outright denial of – the emerging threats of one-world government Socialism, plus the depopulation agenda including staggering injuries and deaths from the Jab evident to any who actually look?  Despite doctor after doctor after doctor, nurse after nurse after nurse, all testifying / whistleblowing about the injuries and deaths they’re seeing, people chant “Safe and effective” like it’s their mantra.

And all this even with stark charts like this from Surak that even my kids see shows something very awry.



It used to be a joke when there’s a group of people all behaving in the same, exceedingly odd way “There must be something in the water”.  Maybe… maybe it’s not such a joke after all?


* In this essay I had a video snipped from a 2015 conference entitled The New World Order discussing the need to kill many billions.  Investigating, I found the full video of that conference to which I linked just below the excerpt I presented.  While I have not watched the entire seven-plus hours, skipping through randomly, what was one of the presentations?  Not to be afraid of mega-cities.  Hmmm.