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GrokTALK! at Liberty Forum An Ode to Matt Mowers

Kimberly Morin joins us as we continue to skewer the Pierce Contraceptive Application Disclosure Mandate Bill. We’ve got a bunch of issues to talk about and plenty of WTF suggestions, one of which involves Governor Chris Christie’s Campaign boy Matt Mowers.    

HHS Mandate Suffers Setback

From Caffeinated Thoughts, long time friend of the Grok Shane Vander Hart reports on a court decision in favor of Thomas Monaghan and his property management corporation, which objected to the HHS contraceptive mandate on religious grounds. Judge Zatkoff’s decision protects freedom granted under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Thomas More Law Center, in their press release, …

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That’s Just Crazy Talk

The Left began the war on women when a journalist asked Mitt Romney what he thought about states banning contraception.  No state was even considering it.  Neither Romney nor anyone else on the right had ever said anything even remotely related to that.  But from that moment on the question was not only asked by …

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Republicans Want to Limit Your Access to (Insert lie here)

Democrats will make up stories about their own mothers if they think it will advance their political agenda, so we cannot pretend to be surprised when the professional Lefts “Republican War on Women Blitzkrieg” embraces outright deception; the idea that Republicans want to limit your access to (insert lie here.) This idea is based on …

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I’d Like to Know What New Hampshire Democrats Think About This?

I’d like to know what New Hampshire Democrats think about this? Under President Obama’s healthcare law, the HHS can levy $100 per employee, per day against institutions that won’t comply with the (contraceptive) mandate. Therefore, religious employers with hundreds of employees could be fined millions of dollars each year. A 50-employee institution, for example, would …

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Win The Future (WTF)

Worst recession in history.  Had three years to work on it, two of them with a Democrat majority congress, no budget from the Senate since 2009,  the economy still sucks, we have an election coming up, and what are Democrats running on? – Contraception. – A billionaires Secretary – Dogs Seriously?

Smart Girl Politics Action: “They don’t speak for us”

Smart Girl Politics Action launches “They Don’t Speak for Us” asking women to put the conversation back on real issues important to women. Women are forced everyday to make sacrifices and its time that we put pressure on Congress and this Administration to stop playing games and get back to work for the American people. …

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