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Republicans Want to Limit Your Access to (Insert lie here)

Democrats will make up stories about their own mothers if they think it will advance their political agenda, so we cannot pretend to be surprised when the professional Lefts “Republican War on Women Blitzkrieg” embraces outright deception; the idea that Republicans want to limit your access to (insert lie here.)

This idea is based on the Democrats obsession with positive rights.  In the real world you are born with free speech and the right to defend your life and property whether there is a government or not.  In the Democrat world these things cannot exist until there is a government to give them to you.  This rule applies to everything.   So we could just as easily say that Republicans want to limit your access to Starbucks Latte’s.  The government isn’t standing over Starbucks making sure you get the Federally approved brand of coffee at taxpayer expense, therefore your “right” to that coffee is in danger.

The Lefts War on Women intifada applies this notion to abortion and contraception to broadcast outright lies about Republicans, and I’m here to tell you…if you believe the Democrats, you should demand an intellectual refund on your public school education because your mind has been robbed of common sense.

Let’s start with abortion.  The premise is that Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade.  This is true.  There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Federal government this authority.  Abortion is left to the states to decide, each for themselves, based on the will of the people who live there. (Or in the case of New Hampshire, people who happen to be here on election day, even if they actually live someplace else.)

The fundamental truth about Roe v. Wade is that more than 30 states had abortion laws before the decision, with others considering them.  Laws providing for abortion services existed without Roe v. Wade.   All 50 states have them now and they are as varied as the states themselves.  And if Roe were struck down tomorrow we would still have 50 states (and the District of Columbia), all of which have their own existing laws on abortion, laws that women and doctors have been complying with this whole time.   And if,  at any future date, the people of any particular state wanted to make abortion more or less accessible, they would be free to vote for state representatives who share those views to that end, and free to change things back as their populations positions evolved one way or the other.

This isn’t about abortion it is about local control.

Why is local control important?  Becasue the Federal government uses Roe as an excuse to mandate abortion, to mandate taxpayer support of it, to mandate that institutions that object provide coverage for it, and that individuals who view it as immoral, cannot conscientiously object to their forced participation in the matter, across the entire nation.  That is a tyranny that violates the personal and religious rights upon which freedom is based.  If the government can deny you these they can deny you others.   And if you support that variety of tyranny, then you are capable of every other.  Roe is not about abortion, it is about power and control.  Most Republicans object to the killing of the unborn, but they are willing to let the states decide because they (should) object more to the despotic abuse of power that Roe and decisions and laws like it have facilitated at the hands of progressives and Democrats, the same ones who are now lying about access to abortion.

So the Left’s Roe v. Wade fraud is a lie of epic proportion.

The only Republicans that are lying about this issue are the moderate ones who are repeating the lefts lie.  And the conservative and libertarian position should be that it is, and always was, a state sovereignty issue and should be returned to the people and the states.   That is not limiting access to abortion, it is improving access to local control.

Contraception is not much different, but astronomically more laughable.

Democrats are claiming that Republicans want to limit…’Your access to contraception.”  This brings me back to the Starbucks latte.  Democrats want you to believe that before they rammed the Federal government into the contraception debate, there was no access to contraception.  I’m here to remind you that contraception is readily available almost everywhere, and has been for decades.  And there is no fourteen day waiting period to get them.  There are ads on TV promoting different brands.  You can order them online form hundreds of retailers, in thousands of varieties.  And if you want the kind with the calendar, those are not much more difficult to get.

What Democrats actually mean is that Republicans believe most of us can get and pay for contraception without the government involved and that’s bad. But its not bad.   In fact it is just the opposite, whether it is contraception, Starbucks Latte’s, wood flooring, widgets, appliances, a 32 oz carbonated beverage, or hundreds of thousands of other things we may need or want in varying degrees, none of which we should be forced to pay for if we don’t want them.

Republicans understand that there are plenty of private and public private options for access to contraception.  And that this is not any business of the Federal government.  That injecting the Federal government into the situation, any situation, actually increases the chances that access will be denied.

Consider: The moment taxpayer dollars are applied to a monopoly interest in anything, federal oversight takes over.  The government picks winners and losers whether it means to or not.  And when it means to, it can and it will.  Federal intervention and the coercive power of the state increases costs of compliance with mountains of bureaucratic demands that reduce competition.  That reduction in competition creates monopoly interests that lobby the power brokers for continued preference, which they inevitably get.

Government has now limited access and increased costs by the mere act of forcing its participation.  At some point in the future these costs will come under scrutiny, affecting either quality or availability.  It is entirely possible that in a budget crunch (be it insurers or the government as provider) reducing costs will result in a wholesale abandonment of support for the program for which the force of the federal will has made millions of people dependent.  These people are cut loose to fend for themselves with little or no warning, and no other market available to them.

We’ve got a pension bubble, and student loan bubble, a huge deficit, the impending costs of Obama care, Social Security and Medicare are in trouble, even the housing bubble was a result of government meddling and that bubble is being re inflated as we speak.  So government meddling in contraception isn’t going to end well.

Long story not short enough, we on the Right could care less about your contraception, what you use, when, where, how often, or with whom.  That’s your decision.  They just don’t think the federal government has a place in that transaction, one you were free to engage in at your convenience long before the Left Wing’s Republican War on Women was even invented.  We just don’t think taxpayers should pay for it unless they want to buy it for themselves or are willing to donate their money to groups who fill those gaps when and where they actually exist.

There’s another word for that.  It’s called choice. Real choice.

The left is lying about abortion and contraception.  And they will keep lying as long as they think it will win them votes.

No one is trying to use the federal government to limit your access to contraception and abortion.  They don’t even want to limit your access to left wing Bullsh*t.    It’s your right to be a fool, and I for one will protect that right.  But you have the right to know that Democrats are lying to you and using you.  What you do after that is your decision.