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Twas The Month Before Christmas…

Like a lot of times when I go looking for something here in the ‘Grok, other stuff keeps popping up. This was originally posted back in November 2009.  Putting aside some of the cultural references for now, the intent is still as valid today as it was back then.

Hillsdale Choir

And Now, Something Christmasy on Christmas

I’ve shared a few posts with Christmas references or tied to Christmas but nothing truly Christmas-like. You know, Christmasy. This is that. The Hillsdale Choir sings, O’Holy Night. Enjoy it.

wreath christmas Photo by Trey Musk on Unsplash

Go Smoke Your Woke

With Christmas just a few days away, the ‘woke brigade’ is working hard to ensure every little lib’s dreams come true. So let’s take a look at what their busy workshops have been doing lately…

Christmas Manger Star Geralt Pixabay Christmas-savior-birth-2874137 FI

How to Blow an Anti-Christmas-Anti-Religionists Mind This “Holiday” Season …

There are a ton of liberal, Progressive, Secularists out there that just HATE the idea of being wished a “Merry Christmas.” Certainly, one of them is being reminded that there are also a ton of Christians out there that truly celebrate the season for more than the whole consumer-based Santa Claus, presents, lights part.