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The Post Office vs. Private Enterprise

This from my buddy Fred in Florida: The response of the post office to their financial crisis really displays the difference between "government-think" and private enterprise.  Faced with a financial crisis the government approach is this:

The Class Warfare Of Blue Hampshire

Caitlin fails to do an effective case study on wealth and liberalism while she waves a finger at Bill O’Brien because if she looked hard enough around the Granite State she would see the utter rank hypocrisy of leftists and their verbal articulation of progressive policies, while pursuing within their own personal lives a hard-core capitalist modus operandi that would make even Milton Friedman blush.

Making lemonade from somebody else’s lemons

Filed under Capitalism – but could as well be filed under Humor! We certainly have been watching the unfolding events in Wisconsin – especially as the Democrat "fleebaggers" went to Illinois.  Well, it looks like someone decided to capitalize on somebody else’s woes: Hey, capitalism is all about taking advantage of an opportunity – and …

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This is what Democrats and other socialists fight against….

"The Upward Spiral of Capitalism." After watching the video below, we must ask ourselves: "Is the hatred of capitalism and freedom shown by statism and socialism a matter of blindness, ignorance, or malice?" WHY would anyone oppose such a humane and beneficial cultural and economic system? My guess is this: Capitalism empowers the masses with freedom while disempowering …

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If you are a Christian and a conservative…

…and desire to understand the intersection of the truth at the core of both Christianity and Capitalism, this essay by George Gilder remains remarkably transcendent today: "The Soul of Silicon."  Recommended. But then….