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Fame does not equal intelligence

In these troubled times, it is useful to examine, once again, the nature of actors (male or otherwise) who undertake to comment and expound on government, politics, elected officials, and our civic life generally. Those actors who seem to get the most attention and platforms (soapboxes) from the media these days are usually those who …

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Constitutional convention: yea or nay?

Constitutional Convention: Yea or Nay?

In 2012 New Hampshire’s legislature passed a Concurrent Resolution requesting an Article V Constitutional Convention of States, one of the two ways to amend the Constitution. ‘We’ did this, requesting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution, in 1979 also, and a handful of times before that for other various reasons. On Wednesday, the …

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Jan Schmidt Bernie Bus

NH House Rep Jan Schmidt Mocks Natural Rights

Nashua resident Beth Scaer pleaded with Schmidt in the Nashua Politics group on Facebook to end her assault on the First Amendment by withdrawing her bill HB 1159, a bill which would silence political dissent.  “Jan, how about you stop trying to take away our God-given and Constitutionally-protected rights?” she asked.

Gun Control in NH


From the Women’s Defense League Extreme Risk Protection Orders – “AKA “Red Flag Laws” – Are Too Extreme for New Hampshire Stop House Bill 687 Before It’s Too Late The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the NH House voted 10-10 to get Bloomberg’s Red Flag bill out of the committee and into the …

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We must defend our values and principles

Don’t “Insult” or Question Islam or its Prophet under penalty of arrest (or worse)!!!

The legal system in the US (other than in Louisiana) was originally derived from the legal system that prevailed in England for centuries, including the personal freedoms extracted from the King by the Maga Carta. Even with that long history of personal liberties, the colonists ultimately rebelled against the English Crown’s abuses as enunciated principally …

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Your Rights, If You Can Keep Them

Christopher Maidment recently began his post, A Republic, If You Can Keep It, by saying: A Government Of The People, By The People, and For The People.  That’s the whole foundation of this country. I disagree.  The foundation of the country begins with the Declaration of Independence.  That document asks and answers two fundamental questions: