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Bailout Mania

Now That’s Progress(ivism)

Capital Briefs in this weeks edition of Human Events, reminds us that it took over 200 years for the US government to accumulate a national debt of 2.19 Trillion. Mr Obama exceeded that sum in just 19 months by adding another 2.56 Trillion to the national debt….and neither Paul Hodes, nor Carol SEIU-Porter, did anything …

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Hodespocrisy Flashback- Why I Call Him Paul “Sugar Daddy” Hodes

A few months back I discovered that Paul Hodes had received a one time $10,000.00 donation from American Crystal Sugar (A major US Sugar conglomerate), at about the same time as the 288 billion dollar 2007/2008 Farm bill was being pushed through congress, and vetoes overrode.  US Sugar is a protected industry with a good …

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Smacking Hodes On The Wiener

I Scooped this up from Matt over at Red Hampshire. American Crossroads is hitting Paul Hodes right in the…well… wiener.  Using the now laughably famous Hodes"Hot Dog" ad for context, they point out just a sliver of the waste Hodes voted for from a fraction of one spending bill out of many–the Porkulus. Give it …

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New Hampshire On The Potomac

Paul Hodes is trying desperately to change his image to that of a fiscal hawk and independent voice, but Paul has some monumental hurdles to get that line past the party base and into the general populace.  First, if he want’s anyone without Kool aid stained lips to buy into the fiscal song and dance …

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Can You See The Signs?

The Shahodesheaporter New Hampshicrat trio gave us the stimulus, all the waste and crony handouts buried inside it, the stupid rules that knee-capped job regular creation as only bureaucracy can, and the debt. Oh yeah–they spent 20 million on signs to tell us they were spending billions on…nothing.

By The Numbers

Paul Hodes is trying to restyle himself as a fiscal conservative.  As a Washington outsider.  But Washington outsiders don’t get huge campaign donations from the left wings senatorial elite Like Dan Inoyue, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez. Paul Hodes does. Fiscal conservatives don’t manage to come in 45th out of 435 in 2010 …

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NH House Dems Travel To Oz

The New Hampshire House democrats have themselves a new web page and I think someone needs to contact the Attorney General; they are guilty of false advertising.

Let’s Regulate Barney Frank’s Pay

Posted by David Boaz “Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said Tuesday that he will hold a hearing this fall to examine whether regulators are being tough enough in curbing pay practices at Wall Street firms that can lead to excessively risky practices,” writes Zachary Goldfarb in the Washington Post. Hmmm. “Pay practices that can …

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