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Alexa Rank Update: Grok Still #1 – Is NHJournal in Freefall?

I’m a few days late with the monthly Alexa ran update but let’s write it off as moving the ball toward an end-of-month review. I was also waiting to see if some startling numbers changed before I published. Like how NH Journal has plummeted in global rank to lows not seen in months.

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Celebrate Four Consecutive Months at Number One!

The year of our Lord 2021 has been good to the ‘Grok pageview-wise. While we typically trade first and second place for the most online print-media traffic in New Hampshire with the Manchester Union Leader, this year’s been a bit different.

Measure, tape, ruler,

Does This Piss Those ‘Journalists’ Off?

It’s fun to think about how a few unpaid hobbyists with no sales team or ad budget (working off donations) consistently attracts more online-eyeballs than every print media outlet in the state. We think it’s hilarious.