'Grok Continues to Dominate Online Print Media Sites In New Hampshire - Granite Grok

‘Grok Continues to Dominate Online Print Media Sites In New Hampshire

One - Number One

Just a quick update to thank you for continuing to make us the leading digital/online news and politics destinations in the Granite State. It’s a position we’ve held since last December.

For new readers, we track all the local digital print news and media sites online using Alexa Global Web Ranking. GraniteGrok has been in the top two for years, frequently changing places with the Manchester Union Leader, the previous most likely number one in this survey.

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While GraniteGrok found itself at number one for a month or two at a time, we had not, until now, dominated for so many successive months. We’re up to seven straight.

That is all thanks to our readers who click and share the content every day. So, thanks, and here are the latest rankings, including sites you might think get more traffic.

Oh, and so Skip doesn’t have to add it, none of us get paid to do this while nearly all these outlets have paid staff, budgets, and all of that. We do this for free, supported by your donations (to keep the server fees paid).

Sites are sorted by US rank until there is no domestic data and then by global rank. No Data means Alexa Ranking does not see enough traffic to rank the site domestically.

Note: An earlier version of this post had the Valley News at number 15 when it belonged at number 9. This has been corrected.


Alexa Global Web Ranking
Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
GraniteGrok 16,452 69807
SeacoastOnline 24,302 123133
Union leader 24,359 87457
Liberty Block 36,486 113105
NHPR 45,445 159730
Concord Monitor 58,217 165463
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune 71,966 315869
Lowell Sun 81,910 259423
The Valley News 87,903 406,431
Fosters Daily Democrat 97,455 297156
Keene Sentinel 98,866 356776
Manchester Ink Link 133,108 369491
Conway/Berlin Daily Sun 163,115 633447
NH Business Review (NHBR) 173,108 378801
Nashua Telegraph 181,497 562005
NH Journal  no data 708824
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript no data 741276
Free Keene no data 1130263
Business NH no data 1,101,206
Indepth NH no data 1,212,052
Seacoast Current.com no data 1,632,141
Girard at Large no data 1,690,385