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Corky, “Uncorked” and the Rest of the Cabal

Cork Image by Bruno Germany from Pixabay

Notice the hypocrisy from the following establishment elite: Messner, “the GOP must rally around its candidates.”  The NHGOP Chair Stephen Stepanek “I understand there are a number of qualified possible candidates mulling over a potential run, and at the end of the day, we will be offering assistance to any and all candidates who announce they’ll be running.”

So Messner and Stepanek will throw their support behind Chuck Morse, or Bill Binnie, third-place finisher in 2010, or Londonderry Town Manager, Kevin Smith, who boasts appealing to Democrats as well as Republicans (see WMUR interview), which should tell you all you need to know about Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith mustn’t go to Washington.

Of course, there is always Representative Frank Guinta as a last resort.

Hell, Messner even left the door open for himself despite declaring, “I’m the first one to raise my hand and say I won’t run if there is a credible candidate, I’ll support that credible candidate.”

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So, Messner, the great self-proclaimed party unifier, will do whatever he can to oppose the party’s only declared candidate, assist the democrats in establishing a costly, unnecessary primary within the party, and snub fellow Army veteran and war hero, General Don Bolduc. Way to go, Colorado Corky!

And Stepanek?… the GOP will support anyone who announces they’ll be running… but not the singular, most viable, most conservative candidate that is already running; declared candidate, General Don Bolduc.

Perhaps citizens will start to realize why the Republican party is in shambles and how tone-deaf our party “leaders’ from the Governor on down genuinely are.
One begins to understand how New Hampshire Republicans have lost ten of the last ten Federal Elections and will do their damnedest to lose this US Senate race.

General Bolduc was not invited to Messner’s party and likely would not have attended. General Bolduc is not a swamp creature, not part of the establishment, not one of the good ole boys.

General Don Bolduc can and will win. This is despite the failure of the NHGOP, Messner, and the remainder of the RINO establishment. New Hampshire citizens have had enough. From the Biden Administration and the Federal level on down to the Sununu administration, conservatives have been betrayed one to0 many times.

Maggie Hassan is a vulnerable target, and General Bolduc is a spectacular conservative candidate with the competitive polling numbers in direct competition with Hassan to prove it.

When the voters rally behind a truly grassroots campaign, marvelous things happen. A New Jersey truck driver upended a Senate President with very little financial support. Virginia went red because voters had been pushed to the limit.

New Hampshire will also rise up for General Bolduc, and the time is now.