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Paging Bill Binnie – The Nashua Telegraph Is Up For Sale!

Bill Binnie has been buying up media in New Hampshire.  WBIN-TV!  He just scooped up some radio stations.  And hey, wouldn’t a major Granite State newspaper be a great edition?  I think so, so how about the Nashua Telegraph? That’s right, the family that owns that liberal bird-cage liner (based out of Pennsylvania–say hi to …

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The Bill Binnie Network?

Word has it that Bill Binnie has considered buying WNDS to use as the flagship studio for what would be called the New Hampshire 1 Network.

I Beg To Differ

  An editorial in this morning’s UL attempts to suggest the voting results demonstrate a unique character to New Hampshire’s electorate but it makes some assumptions that to me seem a bit naive That’s not to say the premise is wholly wrong, just that anyone who was really paying attention to the finer details during …

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My email filter automatically puts any emails from the Binnie Campaign into my Spam folder.  That’s just hilarious.

Binnie Busters

Adding a thought to what skip provided, and Drew Kline’s initial post on the Binnie Camp’s response to the Cornerstone Ad.  Binnie ‘did call a lawyer’ when he didn’t understand.  The lawyers did not understand either; that Cornerstone is a New Hampshire group founded by who, Karen Testerman?  Yeah, she’s that out of state girl…running for governor …

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Choir Practice

Listening to twenty or so people give political speeches in succession may well be worse than being water-boarded. Listening to twenty or so political speeches in an air-conditioned room with close to 300 people who (more or less) are on board with just about everything that is likely to be said at that kind of …

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