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Mask Math is Hard – It’s Harder for Sheep


Facebook loves us when we talk about this. Masking. Wearing a medical face mask. We think you should be free to choose what to believe and if and when to wear a mask in public. Like a seatbelt. That also presumes the right not to wear one. But as we all know, rights are frequently infringed.

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On Facebook, you are discouraged from discussing the matter either colloquially or scientifically if you disagree with their science. It’s simply this thing they demand in their community, and compliance is not optional.

Zuckerberg masking community standards facebook

In the real world, outside social media, like-minded Leftists agree with Facebook. You will wear a mask here and there, and you will wear one everywhere.

You will not challenge the mandate or its usefulness with science that does not match the approved narrative.

As far as this goes, it is your town or state; you elected them. If you like that, re-elect them. If you do not, remove them from public office at the next election.

But before you do…

For those who are still pro-mask, folks who think this scary virus thing is real, you may want to ask yourself some questions. Why is it that masked people surrounded by people wearing masks, who fit every other high-risk profile are still catching it, getting sick, and sometimes dying?

It might be that masks don’t do any of the things advocates claim.

There is also the matter of the Masked Revengers fearmongering one of the most readily available treatments. The Left Lied and people died.

Maskers antimaskers

And the left is lying about masks.

Why are the unwashed unmasked masses still alive, healthy, and neither sick nor dying? It’s been longer than two weeks. It has been two-weeks times ten and then some.

Math is hard. It’s harder for sheep.

Then there’s this.


Frankly, if mask-wearing did stop the disease in its tracks, as we were promised months ago, you can bet your house the mask-loving media would have been shouting the examples from the rooftops. We’d be seeing red state vs blue state comparisons everywhere since red states have the most non-compliance and/or most lenient mask mandates. Instead, we’re simply told condescendingly that “masks work,” “science shows masks work,” and other unproven nonsense, as if they think if they say it enough times we’ll believe it.


The corollary to that is Blue states with mask mandates are in much worse shape despite them. Taken together, sensible people, even those with less sense because they’ve been beaten down by fear, might suspect things are not as they seem if they were only allowed to read competing scientific claims. See anecdotal data. Freely discuss the facts on the ground.

masks dont protect you box
Fact-Checked and True – Even Facebook cannot deny it

Here in New Hampshire, someone somewhere (on Facebook) was arguing that Nashua, New Hampshire, needed to keep its mask mandate, and people needed to comply because the “Casedemic” (my word not theirs) still showed lots of people testing positive.

Nashua has had a mask mandate in place for months. Why are so many more people testing positive?

It doesn’t work.

Stop doing it. Just stop.

Let people decide. And for God’s sake let businesses set and promote their own policy so potential customers can make judgments based on those choices.

Get out of the way, you are just prolonging the economic suffering for nothing. Of course, they will not do that, and this brings us back to elections.

They have consequences.