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Is a New Political Pandemic Panic Upon Us?

The COVID control freaks are peeking between the curtains, promising to let in a little more light. It will be blinding to many and welcome to some, and for a few impossible to accept. But the real danger is not receding. The Coronavirus was never the real threat.

Truth Lies

Left-Wing Lies That Cost People Their Lives

The media and politicians have lied a lot in years past. These prevarications set a historic pace since 2016, with 2020 breaking records. Not little white (supremacist?) lies. Not even just gross exaggerations. These lies cost people their lives.

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The Cost of Lockdowns

Public Health Tyranny never sleeps, so we must continue to share evidence that it is not just tyranny, but government oppression for no positive gain.

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Science? … Science You Say

There is a gap between America’s scientists and public health professionals. Science is supposed to guide decision-making. But that’s what should happen… not what is happening.

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This May Be The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today

That’s a presumptuous headline, you say. I agree. We’ve got a video out of Georgia showing massive election fraud, the White House and the CIA are at war with each other (and everything else), how could this be the most important thing I’ll read today? Any day? Every Day? Because it is.