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Maybe it is Time to Consider Defunding Public Libraries

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The American Library Association is firmly aligned with the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement and their demands that we defund the police. Maybe it is time to consider defunding public libraries.

A call to action from the Public Library Association, a division of the ALA, encourages libraries to uses taxpayer resources to advocate for BLM’s parent group, the Movement for Black Lives and encourages patrons to cut off police funds:

Study, amplify, and align with the policy demands of the Movement for Black Lives. Ask yourself: What can the movement’s call to divest from punishment and policing — while investing in long-term safety strategies such as schools, libraries, employment, health, and housing—mean for your library and your community?”

The Public Library Association even encourages libraries to reconsider having children’s books that show the police in a positive light:

Evaluate the messages about police and policing [that] libraries promote to children and families in programs and collections. See, Policing Doesn’t Protect Us, and Evaluating Children’s Books about Police.

It’s no secret that our public libraries no longer focus on providing a quiet place to read and a storehouse of knowledge. They focus on indoctrinating children into extreme ideologies by their selection of books and their events. Just walk into a public library during pride month in June, and you will see posters and books promoting transgenderism.

The Nashua Public Library’s recommended summer reading for teens include, “Unpregnant,” a comedy about a teenager’s road to an abortion clinic, and “Ask the Passenger,an “intense, fast-paced, complex and compelling novel about sexuality, politics and societal norms that will force readers outside their comfort zones.”

The ALA has long pushed for drag queen story hours to expose children to gender ideology and provides resources and links.

Offers a blog post from a member of the ALA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee:

Interested in bringing Drag Queen Storytime to your library? ALSC Committee Members received tips for optimizing success from library pioneers who have already done it.  We also had the chance to meet a Drag Queen who talked about the value of offering this program, including fostering empathy, tolerance, creativity, imagination and fun.

Although they claim that this is about promoting the First Amendment, public libraries promote only one point of view. As Amelia Hamilton wrote in National Review:

While this story time is ostensibly meant to introduce children to new ideas and open their minds, it is clear that the events skew in a particular political direction. What sort of outcry would there be if there were a children’s event promoting American exceptionalism or traditional values? An event with books about gun rights or the value of life in the womb? No, that would never do.

The ALA urges librarians to: “Familiarize yourself with police reform and abolition efforts.”

It’s time to consider library reform and abolition efforts to free our taxes from a public institution that indoctrinates children into a narrow, progressive view, and fully embraces BLM’s neo-Marxist ideology.