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If You Tax It, They Won’t Come

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Two of our very own Nashua State Reps., “Skip” Cleaver and Mark King, are making yet another run at your wallets in the form of a sales tax (HB 1492). For you baseball movie fans, if this bill were a movie, I’d call it “Field of Schemes.”

The sad thing is, its would-be producers don’t actually understand the theme of the movie they seek to make: If you tax it, they won’t come.

What does this bill propose to start taxing now?

“Taxable electronics” means items of consumer electronics including the following: television sets, video games, smartwatches, computers and cell phones.

That’s right, if these two have their way, you will be charged a sales tax the next time you decide to upgrade your cellphone.

To collect this “limited” tax, the entire infrastructure for sales tax collection will have to be put in place at a cost to us (their estimate) of $1,261,000-$2,261,000+ in year-one (that’s 1.26 Million to 2.26 million dollars) and did you notice the “plus?”.

They are going to charge you millions so they can take more of your money. Oh, the irony!

BTW, does anyone actually believe that once a sales tax mechanism in N.H. is set up, it will not be expanded to even more of your purchases?

Why is it so hard for these two State Reps (“Skip” Cleaver is also a Nashua Alderman-elect) to think things through? Who will drive up to Nashua NH, or any other border town, to buy things once this sales tax has been imposed?

It will devastate our businesses all along the Massachusetts border. We will lose much of the local property tax business base and the revenue those businesses generate for our City and our State. Nashua should expect shuttered stores, unemployed people, and significant property tax increases.

If you are a property owner in southern NH or have a job in one of our retail outlets located there, call these two State Reps and tell them to pull this terrible bill.

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