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COVID19 – Comparing the ‘Fear Year (2020)’ to the ‘Jab Year (2021)’

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October was our 20th month of COVID. Ten months were in the fear year, 2020; ten months the injection year 2021. Jabs began mid-December, 2020.

In the USA, as of October 31, 2021, there were 768,920 deaths with COVID in 20 months ( The death count as of December 31, 2020, was 346,790.

There were 422,130 deaths with COVID in 10 months of the injection year 2021. This is a 15% INCREASE in deaths though we spent more than $3.5 trillion dollars on COVID mitigation.

New Hampshire did better, fear year 827 – jab year 770 a 9% decrease, still a pathetic result.

Cheshire County, where I live, had 7 in 2020 and 42 in 2021 as of 10/31 (six times as many!!!); law enforcement should investigate this, IMHO.

The USA, with less than 5% of the world population, had 51% of the world’s active cases, on 10/31/21. Why?

Never a medical professional of any sort, my best guess as a statistician and careful observer (MIT mathematics graduate 1973, Columbia Business School MBA 1991, former actuary) is: 1) too many tests with too many false positives, 2) systemic medical malpractice, 3) a “vaccine” that does significantly more harm than good, and 4) rampant corruption, greed, and fear – irresponsibility, cowardice, and dishonesty.

COVID is far less dangerous than most people think.

No one in NH under 20 years old has died with COVID in that 20 months. Yet we have “vaccine” mandates in some colleges, and Sununu and others are going after the 5-to-11 year-olds.

On April 29th, 2021, at the Governor’s press conference, Beth Daly of NH DHSS told us that only “one or maybe two” (out of 1303 then) had died in New Hampshire with COVID if under age 65 with no comorbidities.

Two state senators from Oregon, Kim Thatcher, and Dennis Linthicum, have formally requested the DOJ to impanel a grand jury focused on CDC and FDA statistical fraud and criminality.

They composed this refreshingly clear and informative document:




Weekly, new revelations emerge challenging the “COVID vaccine, as safe and effective.”


VRBPAC-10-26-21 presentation to FDA


For the big picture, see videos by Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Lee Merritt and/or read To take action join and For health, advice try