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Just STOP IT! And Throw Them Out!

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Well, it seems that our legend in his own mind president picked a real peach of a Secretary of Homeland Security. Sure, this same legend has picked some other real peaches (Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, blah, blah, blah) but this guy couldn’t maintain his own security if going into a gender-neutral restroom.

I refer to him as Secretary Malarkey. He, and Kamala Harris, appear to be way over their swollen little heads with the southern border. You know that pesky border must really be something to kick a Secretary and Vice President’s keisters when considering they both have the entire US Military and National Guard to protect this country’s sovereignty.

As we all know the transportation busses are getting hijacked by what used to be detainees (that I guess should now be called escapees). It seems that these folks are free to roam about with no constraints or controls.

So, what exactly is the Security part of this Homeland Security scenario. I don’t get it. Of course, maybe I am not supposed to get it. Perhaps the liberal bubs and bubbettes think that I should just turn my head and say “Oh, look at the bunny”. Well, that ain’t gonna happen!

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For all you non-communists out there, all of you who know this is still THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, all of you who feel a rage building inside you to squash this nonsense, WE THE PEOPLE need to STOP IT!

I wish I could look to my senators (Shaheen and Hassan) or my District 2 representative (Kuster), but I can’t. They are too busy breathing in Schumer and Pelosi’s exhaust to take a stand and end this Biden nightmare.

So, what do I do? Well, first and foremost I support General Don Bolduc as our next NH Senator to replace the faded Hasson. He has been there, done it, and GETS IT! I also support Senators and Representatives from other states that share my views and know what the path must be.

We all need the support of Congress to end this mess. So, 1) Vote for Don Bolduc and 2) Pick a Senator and a Representative that stands tall for what you believe and provide him or her with all the support you can muster up to get this freight train out of the ditch and back on track.