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Switching Social Media Platforms – The Parler Warning

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I can’t believe that I’m writing this here in the United States of America. Clearly, communication between all the 75,000,000 or so individuals who supported Donald Trump’s re-election is under attack.

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No sooner had an alternative communication platform been established to provide a way for those who disagreed with the Democrat Party line to communicate with one another than Big Tech silenced it at the behest of radicals operating within the core of the Democrat Party and within high-tech America.

People will say, oh no, this is all Big Tech acting on its own – but it is not. What’s happening is due to the symbiotic relationship that has been nurtured between the radical left and Big Tech that has now matured and is successfully bullying the most influential moneyed interests in the country.

To understand where “non-ideological,” “American,” big business is now, Google “IG FARBEN.”

Learn from history.

Many friends have been bailing from the social media platforms they have used for years and picking other alternatives to be free from censorship. Unfortunately, this activity is resulting in the fracturing of communications between Republicans across the country and weakening our ability to reach each other to be able to act together.


While I don’t know what security experts would recommend in the way of dealing with a censored USA of the future, since someone said this evening in media that all of our internet communications are built on the spines of Google an Amazon, nevertheless, here’s a fairly unsophisticated set of momentary suggestions to consider until the way forward becomes clearer. I hope others will chime in with better ideas and fairly easy ideas for technologically-challenged individuals like myself to follow.

1 – DO NOT abandon any communications platform that you were on pre-January 6. Those who abandoned Facebook for PARLER are now out in the cold.

2 – Find and subscribe to other alternative platforms as you find them until you have numerous alternatives available to you. Keep them in use until we clarify where the Democrat fueled “smother–free-speech” movement is going. Eventually, a path will come clear.

3 – For the time being, imagine it’s 1994 or so. Recover your Rolodex, re-develop a new handwritten list of contacts. Download and keep all of your contact records in paper format. File them somewhere safe. Continue to expand your contact base in hard copy.

4 – Begin to organize protected discussion groups if possible – with the subject matter as the organizing theme.

5 – Social media mining has been so pervasive that if you look your name up on virtually any search engine, you will find info that you had forgotten about yourself. Pretty hard to hide these days, so begin to think how to go about protecting yourselves from leftist attacks on income and wealth.

6 – Organize fellow travelers in your neighborhood and community. The left is working to spread fear throughout the country concerning financial stability and future should one speak out against Biden-Harris. If Trump can have big business unjustifiably de-link him from events of his own, as with the PGA tournament, that threat helps the Left to make our own small lives seem unsettled and worrisome. If the Left can take a bite out of billionaire Trump, what can it do to the rest of us?

The EVIL we’re facing is almost palpable. Say something untoward about Biden-Harris, be reported by your neighbor, lose your job, lose your bank account, lose your home, go live on the street. History amply demonstrates this scenario.

Our only choice is to ORGANIZE and contest every effort made to suppress speech while simultaneously using every legal means available, every effort, no matter how seemingly innocuous, to resist those that would threaten our individual job security, health, and welfare.

We must RESIST. If we fail to learn how to RESIST effectively, we’ll soon be made slaves.