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Republican Leaders Protect ‘Dumb’ AccuVote Machines Controlled By Dominion

Accuvote OS ballot counter votng machine

Relying on Dominion to tally New Hampshire’s votes is like trusting Bernie Madoff with our retirement funds. Ignoring what is possibly the greatest crime ever perpetrated against American citizens’ sacred right to vote…is unfathomable.

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Haven’t they heard the news? Like Madoff, Dominion is notorious for its brazen criminality. Comprised of domestic and foreign enemy operatives—most notably China and Antifa—it has earned global recognition that seems to have escaped the attention of our Granite State leaders.

“Dominion” as defined by Merriam-Webster is “the power to rule: control over a country, region, etc.” When someone tells you who they are and what they plan to do, you should believe them.

It has been absolutely breathtaking to behold the refusal of our New Hampshire Republican politicians and leaders to even acknowledge our use of Dominion, never mind take a stand and commit to expelling them entirely.

To the contrary, they position themselves to protect and defend our continued use of this demonstrably criminal enterprise while naively and willingly handing over our antiquated machines to Dominion’s devices. Their favorite talking point? “The fact that our machines are so old and dumb…is good! It makes them less susceptible to hacking.”

Another favorite talking point: “New Hampshire’s machines are not linked to the internet. They therefore can’t be hacked.”

Well, who really needs a good internet hacker when you can cut right to the chase and allow the criminals full access to the hardware and firmware of our actual machines? Just for sh!ts and giggles, let’s also hand them a lucrative contract for their fine handiwork. In the event of a dispute, we can even hire them to conduct the audit as touted on their website. (One-stop shopping never felt so refreshing.)

An even greater boost of confidence in our old (and “therefore less vulnerable”) machines is a report in demonstrating a college professor’s ability to remove the ROM chips that had been soldered into the circuit board and replaced with his own. That new firmware? You guessed it…was capable of “subtly altering the tally of votes, never to betray a hint to the voter.” The replacement was accomplished in mere minutes. Though the experiment was conducted on an antiquated Sequoia, the very same concept can be applied to the AccuVote OS, and there are any number of videos online proving it.

New Hampshire Republican Politicians have provided press releases “assuring” us that our machines are not equipped with software, but rather a firmware chip sporting version 1.96.13. That sounds pretty official to the average computer-illiterate, but a cursory google search reveals that “firmware is software for less complex devices. It can act as the device’s complete operating system performing all control, monitoring, and data manipulation functions”.

The good professor featured in the Politico article proved it.

Last week, Granite Grok published my article warning about the capabilities of Dominion’s control over our AccuVote OS machines. The article specifically focused on the use of GEMS which is widely used in New England per the description of LHS Associates’ website. LHS, located in Salem, NH has a telephone number that has been disconnected. It is the vendor that services our voting machines using Dominion products.

Former Attorney General and current Interim Attorney to the Secretary of State, Orville Fitch denies the use of GEMS in New Hampshire and cites an order by the Ballot Law Commission wherein serial and modern connections were physically disabled. He states that this act “both prevents the use of GEMS software on separate computers to combine results from the multiple devices and it prevents those communications capabilities of the ballot counting device from being used to attempt to alter the device in any way.”

He supports his contention with the citation of RSA 659:42 which entails an exhaustive plethora of legal instructions setting forth the exact steps to be taken by town and city clerks, moderators, and election officials in the preservation, protection and security of memory devices from start to finish. It also stipulates testing instructions to be performed by the town or city clerk.

These laws are exceptionally altruistic, iron-clad, and practicable, but criminals do not care. Hence, the term “criminal”.

The good professor featured in the Politico article renders these measures useless, anyhow, as they would be applied after the crime has already taken place.

Fitch also takes issue with the diverter that is designed to drop a counted or partially counted ballots into specific bins. “Some towns,” he says, “have chosen to manually check all ballots and have disabled/removed the diverter.”

This point is immaterial to the subject matter at hand which happens to be the possibility of a bona fide criminal enterprise providing our firmware in the first place.

Fitch’s third argument is his best.

He takes issue with the country in which Dominion is domiciled. He admits its orientation in Canada, but sites a “United States Corporation, with a main office in Denver, Colorado.” (Who doesn’t love Denver, Colorado?!)

Once again, it would seem national news hasn’t hit the laptops of our leaders’ chosen news media. (That granite, as we’ve established, is impenetrable.)

Denver, Colorado is the home of Eric Coomer, and now’s the time to loop you right back up to paragraph two wherein Antifa was mentioned.

Coomer is the “Director of Product Security and Strategy” and “Vice President of Engineering” for Dominion who holds twelve patents pertaining to ballot adjudication, security, configuration, processing methods, auditing, and all things governing our votes. He is currently in hiding due to death threats.

Eric Coomer’s profile has been scrubbed from the internet following an infiltration of a conference call involving Coomer and Antifa. Coomer allegedly stated, “Don’t worry about the election. Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that.”

Coomer’s social media accounts, though deleted, have been preserved by citizen journalists and indicate full allegiance to the domestic terrorist organization Antifa. A (pages upon pages long) manifesto by Coomer evokes memories of the “Unabomber” of similar mathematical, if not paranoid, intelligence.


“You Sir, and yours, are the terrorists,” he wrote. “And your victims are done putting up with it.”

The entire manifesto can be viewed on, but you get the picture. This man programs the software and firmware, holds patents and proprietary rights over the coding, and ultimately determines the outcome of our elections.

Coomer is the Madoff of our political future, the Ted Kaczynski of our social order, and the burr under the saddle of our New Hampshire Republicans who quizzically cover up the issue. After all, they think our antiquated voting machines actually protect us.

It is so ridiculous (so completely ludicrous) that we can practically envision all of them riding around with Motorola Brick phones that are ringing out of their vinyl cases. Pick up the damn Brick!

The 90s are calling. They want their “dumb” AccuVote machines back.