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Black Lives Matter Nashua and Manchester Publish List of Demands


Black Lives Matter has released a list. No, not laundry or shopping, these are demands. Why? “Recent events have highlighted the reality that systemic racism and implicit bias play an active role in New Hampshire Politics.”

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To which they add,

“Black and brown residents of this state deserve better from the candidates aspiring to become our next Governor.”

Their words, not mine.

So, what do they want?

BLM Nash Manch Demands 1-4BLM Nash Manch Demands 5-7


Before anyone takes any of this seriously, we should make a request of our own. Change your name from, Black Lives Matter, to All Lives Matter because they do all matter.

But BLM won’t and they can’t.

Their agenda has nothing to do with blacks or lives; not all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter. At that point, we should be done with them, but there’s more!

No lives matter to Black Lives Matter if they do not support a plan that uses race (you can include sex, gender, and class, wage, or income warfare) to advance a specific political ideology. Their name should be – when we distill it all down – Left Lives Matter.

All that matters to Black Lives Matters is Leftism. That is why they exist.

Once you accept this truth, then nothing they say, nothing they demand has any meaning to the black community or the lives in it because if you disagree with BLM, as with all Democrat Socialist exercises, you are dead to them