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The Great Reset Should Scare Us All

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Is America at war? The short answer is, “Yes, we are.” Who exactly are we fighting? It might feel like Democrats vs. Republicans, but it is not. There is a much bigger threat to you than your neighbor who has a different political view. This enemy does not care to which party you belong.

This cold war is not just being fought on American soil, but worldwide, and the enemy is using propaganda and censorship to pit citizens against citizens, Americans against Americans. We are more divided today than we have ever been, and it is right where the enemy wants us.

In 1971, German-born Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum (WEF) located in Geneva, Switzerland. This is an organization that brings together business, academic, and political world leaders, to advance the state of the world.

Their plan is to set up a centralized government system that would rule over all nations. This would be accomplished by the implementation of a technocratic economy. Carefully read Oxford Dictionary’s definition of technocratic, is “relating to or characterized by the government or control of society or industry by an elite group of technical experts.”

These words should scare you. Key words in the sentence: government, control, elite, experts. You are not in there. The plan is to take out, “We the People”.

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To bring the elite together as a cohesive group, Schwab, in 1971, initiated an annual Davos Week where approximately 3,000 of the world’s richest and most influential leaders meet annually in Switzerland. Among the attendees in 2020 were Bill Gates, Prince William, Marc Benioff (an internet entrepreneur with a net worth of $8.8 billion), George Soros, and a plethora of other billionaires.

Amid economic topics discussed, attendees, after arriving in approximately 1,500 private jets, also discussed such pressing issues as the climate crisis.  Knowing that 3,000 of the world’s elite meet once a year as self-appointed world representatives to determine a world agenda, should frighten you.

The theme of the January 2021 conference was “The Great Reset,” which established the agenda for a one-world government. The Biden administration calls it Build Back Better.

To build a new world economic system, you first need to destroy the existing one. Apparently, worldwide pandemics work exceedingly well for this.

In early 2020, Schwab, apparently,  just happened to get lucky when Covid-19 rolled in and supplied him just the pandemic he needed to initiate his agenda. Oddly enough, five months before Covid-19 came on the scene, Schwab and his team held high level exercises just in case a pandemic hit. It’s always good to be prepared for the “unpredictable”.

Stacey Rudin writes in her January 6, 2021 article for the American Institute for Economic Research, “Schwab now predicts that the “COVID19 pandemic”- which he says will last at least until 2022 – will mark the final death-knell of “neoliberalism.”” Rudin defines neoliberalism as, “decentralized power and smaller government.” Schwab is predicting the collapse of our economic system and the take down of our republic. Rubin goes on to state that Schwab’s preferred system is that of China under Xi Jinping.

On January 25th of Davos Week 2021, World Economic Founder, Klaus Schwab, gave a warm welcome to Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China. In his 20-minute address, Xi advocated for shared respect and hoped the world would find common ground that would allow people worldwide to flourish.

At the very time Xi was giving his Kumbaya message to the world, he was performing genocide on his own people. Since 2017, the Uyghurs people of Xinjiang, a northwest region of China, have seen their human rights suspended and atrocities inflicted on their people.

Lindsay Maizland, a writer/editor for the Council of Foreign Relations, summarizes in her March 1, 2021, article China’s human rights violations against the Uyghurs:

  • About eleven million Uyghurs–a mostly Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic group—live in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.
  • The Chinese government has imprisoned more than one million people since 2017 and subjected those not detained to intense surveillance, religious restrictions, forced labor, and force sterilizations.
  • The United States sanctioned officials and blacklisted dozens of Chinese agencies linked to abuses in Xinjiang. In 2021, it determined that China’s actions constitute genocide and crimes against humanity.

The United Nations has condemned China for its human rights abuses. Our mainstream media has extensively covered the abuses committed. Our government has condemned China and recognized what is happening as genocide. Yet, this is the model that Klaus Schwab plans to force on us and the world.

When you are re-setting the world, you need to control the flow of information to the people and establishing a solid affiliation with the world’s technical experts is essential.

Bill Gates, who has been ranked the richest man in the world, now has a worldwide platform where his opinions are sought on many subjects, including medical options for treating Covid-19 (yet, he has no medical training). Gates has a long history with the World Economic Forum. Earlier this year, it was widely reported that Bill Gates owns 242,000 acres of American farmland, making him the largest private citizen of US farmland. This is not just an accumulation of farmland; this accumulation is preparing for the Great Reset and centralized power.

Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and holds the title as the richest man in the world. It was Amazon that indiscriminately de-platformed the social media site, Parler. Just a little flexing of power and control.

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook. Facebook is now censoring anyone that violates their Community Standards, but has failed to define what those standards are. They will decide what you need to know.

Jack Dorsey owns Twitter. Twitter has an agenda, and they will ban anyone that does not follow their agenda.

Few would deny that our news channels have their agenda and spread propaganda or fail to report stories that do not agree with their narrative.

Our wealthy politicians make full use of the propaganda and censorship campaign which has been mainstreamed into our society. With the American citizens suitably indoctrinated, politicians are empowered to overstep their constitutional authority. Larger government, less freedom, puts us right on track for the Great Reset.

Who are we fighting? The rich and powerful. The egocentrics that talk a lot about helping society while at the same time contrive events and drive agendas that strip away our individual rights. By virtue of the excess wealth they have accumulated, they believe they have the right to push their agenda onto the rest of us. In their sustainable world, wealth equals power and power begs for more power. In their world there are two classes, the elites at the top and everyone else to serve the top. Unless we unite right now and push back hard, there no longer will be “We the People”.