Sing Along! “It’s a Woke World, After All...” - Granite Grok

Sing Along! “It’s a Woke World, After All…”

Its a WOKE WORLD after all - YouTube screenshot

Both funny and sad at the same time. The fact that somebody put a lot of time into creating and animating this woke version of Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All” (and the actual ride has been “evolved” to be more SJW/PC safe for the perpetually offended snowflakes) says a lot about our society.



And not in a good way, either.

I’m looking at this as being end-stage Western Civilization type stuff – only concerned with feelings of “safety” and “never feeling offended” as if this is the way life has always been. They’ve laid yet another veneer of First World Stupidity on top of Political Correctness with the removal of layers of what made America what it is (er, was).

Yep, Long March of Indoctrination that makes the stupidest stuff that really is destructive to Society is now of the highest concern.

Sorry, but Fluff (and being a Fluffernutter) doesn’t make stuff work – it just chokes everything off. The fact that our kids in school are now being forced into this means it’s almost time to say “Hey, it’s been a good ride, America – have fun learning Mandarin!”.

These spineless weasels must be having conniption fits over what they are seeing over in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover (“why, it seems they take quite the delight on beating women and children, and firing GUNS into crowds waving Afghanistan flags” – and how can they rectify their feelings of “What SAVAGES!” vs being non-judgemental about other cultures).

So they’ll all be on Twitter, firing off tweets of anger and anguish about the Taliban…never understanding that the Taliban don’t care about them, don’t care about being inclusive, don’t care at ALL about Diversity…

Sidenote: do you think that the Critical Race Theory nutters will ever “get” the notion that the Taliban are actually just another version of their sense of “Diversity” is mirroring THEIRS perfectly? That “Diversity” has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin but only in that the mindset of all is perfectly in line with the Hive’s?  Not a pretty sight, is it?

…and equality and equity. And the only sort of Justice is that of you’ll know when your clothes are all bloody or you see your body THERE but your head is over HERE.

Yep, they’re woke alright. Woke enough to blame America for everything. But too stupid to know that others are laughing at them.

And when are they REALLY going to come to the realization that they are the root problems?

(H/T: The Blaze)