State University Diversity Center Gathers to Debate How to "Cancel" Thanksgiving - Granite Grok

State University Diversity Center Gathers to Debate How to “Cancel” Thanksgiving

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I never graduated from the University of Buffalo, but now I am happy to say I did not. The Universities Intercultural and Diversity Center (never had one when I was there 40 years ago) is trying to cancel Thanksgiving.


Last week, the IDC hosted a Zoom talk on the holiday’s purported “whitewashed history” titled “The Real History of Thanksgiving,” which is part of the office’s “Tough Topics” discussion series.

The description for the Nov. 8 event stated, “Come out to the IDC to discuss the real history of Thanksgiving and what America should do in place of this celebration.”


According to one attendee of the zoom meeting,


“The essence of the event was fundamentally anti-American and full of inaccurate history to further their agenda,” she added. “The event only showed leftist arguments, and when I asked them to back up their historical claims with facts, they continued to make faulty historical claims.”


We could expect nothing less from something called the Intercultural and Diversity Center. It’s not about culture or diversity; it is about homogenizing a progressive political response to whatever offends them.

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Thanksgiving is the traditional European harvest festival older than the discovery of the Americas.

The “Indians” who celebrated with the first colonists (the Wampanoag) were thankful for new allies against the genocidal Iroquois.


Thanksgiving honors the bravery and perseverance of two cultures that came together in defense of shared interests against a tyrannical culture obsessed with its own supremacy. A celebration of appreciation for the good things we can do when we self-associate in positive ways for mutual benefit.

The Modern Democrat party is a lot like the Iroquois. There is no interest in a diversity of cultures or ideas. Their goal is to conquer us and reduce us to slaves, physically, culturally – psychologically. 


The Intercultural and Diversity Center is part of that plan to rewrite not just American history but Americans. To turn us against each other by finding ways to divide us. Even if they need to rewrite the history of Thanksgiving.

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As with every flanking maneuver on our culture, the answer is to outflank them. Don’t let them redefine the holiday. Refute their misconceptions about the history.

Instead of letting them cancel Thanksgiving, Cancel their narrative.