By the way – Thanksgiving isn’t Racist Oppression. It Isn’t Even Cultural Appropriation


As the annual onslaught of “Social Justice hate” against Thanksgiving dissipates in the seasonal rear-view, we have an opportunity to stir it back up. What? Triggering snowflakes is fun. Speaking of which, Trump and Thanksgiving start with the same letter. Right?

That’s not what I meant.

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The Thanksgiving Holiday in the US is the nationwide expression of a tradition as old as agriculture. The harvest festival. Celebrations that predate the colonial experience, no matter what you think that means.

They existed long before any European set foot in “the new world.” And they existed all over the world. Which means the tradition that became Thanksgiving has nothing materially to do with Native American’s or any European oppression (for which we can be thankful for indoor plumbing, and Netflix, to name but two).

It is an event as multicultural as you can get. If your ancestors hail from a place where winter puts an end to the growing season you’ve probably got some history of such a celebration. It’s the historical Miller-Time for agricultural communitarianism through the ages. And if you didn’t have one, be thankful you can join ours.

The Other ‘Thanksgiving Tradition’

The history of privileged (typically ruling class-loving) first-world douche-bags who have nothing better to do than bitch about the holiday is shorter and less storied which reminds me. Their entire premise (here he goes again) is flawed.

The people the Europeans found in North America conquered or assimilated the folks who arrived before they did. They engaged in war. Killed women and children. They took and kept slaves. Slaughtered innocent people. As did the folks who arrived before them.

These practices were underway long before the Europeans crammed up along the coast and began spilling over the Appalachian mountains westward.

The story of the peopling of North America is one of oppression and conquest of those who came before over thousands of years. A universal state of being that the Constitutional Republic and what we call “Western Values” eventually put to an end. The very values under attack by people whining about Thanksgiving being an expression of oppression.

None of which has anything at all to do with picking a Thursday in November for the country to take a breath and say thank you for the modern-day harvest which the SJW’s revile a patriarchal-capitalist-oppression.

Some people want to be miserable.

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