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Pilgrims, Indigenous Peoples, And Progressive Reprogramming on Thanksgiving


The rewriting of history is a constant process. One we abet by allowing the State to run an education monopoly. Re-Education camps whose propaganda hit the steroids on College Campuses. One of the most grievous offenses is their reinterpretation of Thanksgiving. 

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Most of what is taught and sold by progressives in education or Democrats, in general, is inaccurate (if we are kind). Ann Coulter’s piece this week wrestles with the ridiculous Left then adds a dose of reality about the interactions between Pilgrims and “the locals” circa 1621.

As every contemporary school child knows, the first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, when our Pilgrim forefathers took a break from slaughtering Indigenous Peoples to invite them to dinner and infect them with smallpox, before embarking on their mission to fry the planet so that the world would end on Jan. 22, 2031.

Our colonial ancestors, like, were so, like, wrong. But not so fast. The reality, and it is well documented and researched by actual historians and researchers, tells a different tale. As I have pointed out often, there were no indigenous people in North America. And the ones who discovered us, as we discovered them, were just the most recent survivors of centuries of conquest. A process that was still underway when the pilgrims set foot in New England.

It was Indians, not Pilgrims, who let out the “Mohawk war-cry” that made the blood run cold.

This is why the Wampanoag had a lot to celebrate that first Thanksgiving. They were delighted to have such excellent (European) allies against the terroristic Iroquois and Narragansett.

With nearly no effort and (even) a lousy search engine, you can uncover the truth. The current occupants readily shared or sold land to early settlers. They traded with them. They learned each other’s languages and customs, and American Thanksgiving is (at least in part) a recognition of the benefits of such cooperation in a land with so much to offer.

The warm relations between Pilgrims and the (mostly) gentle Algonquins doesn’t fit the White Man Bad thesis that is the entire point of all history taught in America today. In fact, as any sane, reasonable person can probably surmise: Some white men were kind, and some were cruel. Some Indians were neighborly — and some were bloodthirsty killers.

Coulter repeatedly references Francis Parkman American’s foremost expert on those who settled before the Europeans and the history leading up to their arrival. 

Before the first European stepped off Mayflower, the Iroquois’ genocidal wars against their fellow Indians had already depopulated large parts of New England. Their murderous raids had scattered the farming tribes in all directions, often to their demise. “Northern New Hampshire, the whole of Vermont and Western Massachusetts had no human tenants but the roving hunter or prowling warrior,” Parkman writes.

Thanksgiving honors the bravery and perseverance of two cultures that came together in defense of shared interests against a tyrannical culture obsessed with its own supremacy. A celebration of appreciation for the good things we can do when we self-associate in positive ways for mutual benefit.

The Modern Democrat party is a lot like the Iroquois. There is no interest in a diversity of cultures or ideas. Their goal is to conquer us and reduce us to slaves, physically, culturally – psychologically. 

And whatever we are on the outside we cannot be anything but like them on the inside. Dissenters will not be tolerated.

Give thanks we are not there yet. Count your blessings that we can still challenge their lies.  And gird yourself for the ongoing cultural battle. These ideological interlopers have settled “our shores” and mean to conquer North American for themselves: to End the Constitutional Republic and reduce it to a mobocracy with them at the head of the table. One with no bounty and nothing for which to give thanks except that which they deem to allow.

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