Vaccine Mandates and the Nationalization of American Health Care - Granite Grok

Vaccine Mandates and the Nationalization of American Health Care

Medical socialism vial and syringe - boosters will be required

What if you could wave a magic wand (or write a memo) and have a nonexistent government mandate enforced by fearful private sector factions? You get what you want without having to expend any actual political capital, and no one can sue you over it because no existing law or rule exists.

If anyone asks, well – it’s just a suggestion. And it might not need to be much more than that. Joy Pullman writing at The Federalist, explains.


To impose the public perception of a mandate, the Biden administration is following an unusual rule-making process it also employed earlier this year, called an emergency temporary standard (ETS). The spring ETS rule took nearly six months to issue. Meanwhile, companies are telling reporters their vaccine mandates will have at the latest December deadlines. (For those who can’t calendar, that’s four months after Biden’s non-existent mandate was proclaimed. According to OSHA, an ETS takes up to six months to go into effect after the initial mandate is issued in the Federal Register — which, again, for the proclaimed 100-employee mandate hasn’t happened yet.)

Lawyers for big business were blunt about their love for this mandate mirage: “Everybody loves this cover,” Minneapolis employment lawyer Kate Bischoff told Bloomberg Law in September. “Many were already looking down the road at doing this, but the fact that they get to blame Biden is like manna from heaven.”


This is how we get fascism, by the way. The government does not own the means of production, but the corporate class enforces its will. At some point, that relationship ends at the point of a gun. For now, it is implied, but the corporatist culture embraces it and moves the ball down the field.

But it’s not just that. The mandate’s primary target might be public health workers along the same lines as the defund the police schtick (and this has legs there as well).

Even before Ferguson, Missouri, it has always been my contention that the progressives are looking for the one thing they need more than any other to take over this nation, federal control of all local policing.

Defund local cops. Let criminals out of jail, open the borders. Older cops retire, less incentive to join the force. Fewer cops, more criminals, more crime. Locals cry for help and strained budgets get bailed out with federal money (as intended). Federal rules. Federal oversight. Federal control. Rinse, lather, repeat. You inevitably end up with a federalized local force that dances to a national tune.

Create a crisis (real or imagined) and make the people beg for it.

I see the same tactics with health care and The Jab™ helps with both.

Cops, doctors, nurses, correctional officers, anyone that is the wrong sort will refuse The Jab™ and quit or get fired, creating a crisis (as intended). Understaffed, under-treated, long wait times, a public health disaster, whose only solution will be Federal money, rules, oversight, and control.

They will (at some point) move to nationalize nurses and doctors in the name of public health, and nothing will get better, but the goal was to control, not improve public health.

The corporatists and venture capitalists of the world pushing mask and vaccine mandates are rushing to get on board now. Hospitals, little more than big corporations whose product is what “public health” does or does not do to people, are on board. The Insurance part of that triad (politics, hospitals, insurers) has been on board for a while.

You won’t be able to get care unless you satisfy the mandates, this or any other and there will be more and they will be many.

And once the progressives take over the energy and transportation sectors (that’s what the global warming lie exists to do), well – welcome to national socialism.

The so-called antifascists (see also communists) are using fascism as a means to achieve Marxist-Leninist socialism, and we’re watching it happen before our eyes.