Kissing Religious Liberty (And the Rest of It) Goodbye - Granite Grok

Kissing Religious Liberty (And the Rest of It) Goodbye

Kiss lipstick goodbye Original Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Pro-government factions are using this Coronavirus to constrain the people. Not temporarily, but forever. These are not necessary measures to address a crisis. They are test runs for foundational policy—a new Constitution of constraint.

Lockdowns are always an option now. Quarantine is just a thing they make you do. Free speech – in this case, any attempt to express opinions outside the approved medical dogma, is verboten. You can still say it, at least in America, but there’s an ever-increasing price even when it makes sense or could save lives.

Warrantless search. Heck, I’m expecting to hear any day now that we are required to quarter “refugees” or else. And then there’s religious liberty. While the sort of freedom we had in America is rare, free speech and religious liberty (and freedom of association) are rare. And they’ve come for that too.

Religious exemptions, the right of conscience, have already disappeared in the night in many parts of the United States. You are not allowed to have them or express them in the context of the response to COVID.

If this is allowed, you will lose them for everything and forever.

And that’s the point.

We’ve said it innumerable times. This is not a matter of public health. The data, even in the context of all the fearmongering, does not justify it. Over 99% of Americans should not have to give up 100% of their rights on the assumption that this will protect less than 1% of the population.

And talk about irony.

For years the Political left has been going on and on about the 99%. For years they’ve been chanting bash the fash. And look, here we are, and the political left is all in on converting a Constitutional Republican into a corporatist oligarchy in the latest fascist fashion.

But then, they always were. And while we knew that, most of America was either intellectually disinterested or disarmed. Left helpless to wonder. Willing to bend the knee. Convinced that refusing to bow was insurrection or domestic terror.

We’re not fighting this for ourselves. We’re fighting it for you.

We are the real 99%, and they, the ruling class, are the 1%. The Political response to the pandemic is nothing more than tyrannical gymnastics. A plot to convince us to abandon our natural-born rights willingly.  They’ve shown us their routine.

If we let them stick the landing, it’s over.

People need to understand this before it’s too late. They need to understand it now. This is not, nor has it ever been, about public health.