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Was Biden on the take?

We Have an Election Coming … Here’s why it is Important

We have an election coming in America. Here in America we take religious freedom for granted. But if our election this time goes Democrat the radicals controlling the party will opt for massive change. The radicals in the Democrat Party are receiving support from the violent wing including BLM, Antifa, Anarchists and Islamists. What follows …

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Constitutional Convention

Freedom Without Morality Inevitably Leads to Tyranny

The Founders knew freedom without morality inevitably leads back to tyranny if each man is free to do what is right in the sight of his own eyes. If there is no common, objective standard of right and wrong, good and evil, what is to stop the strong from oppressing the weak?


603 Alliance Editorial: It’s Time to Reopen New Hampshire

[The following editorial is presented on behalf of the 603 Alliance Board of Directors.] New Hampshire’s “stay at home order” was issued on March 16th. Over two months later, we continue to face serious restrictions that limit our ability to earn a living, that restrain our freedom of assembly, and that restrict our right to worship …

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In Support of Bethany Christian Services

ACT NOW to protect foster children in NH! For the past 14 years, Bethany Christian Services has supported foster and adoptive families in New Hampshire through the Community and Faith-Based Initiative Grant.

Sen Ben Sasse

What Some Nitwit Said to Satisfy His Fringy Base

We have an abundance of material that fits into the nitwit said to their fringy base category. Today’s lesson comes courtesy of Senator Ben Sasse. The nitwit is Bobby O’Rourke. That fringy base consists of Democrat primary voters. Our topic is religious freedom.

GrokTalk! Microphone


This week Skip and I discuss several intrusions as well as state and federal actions to stop the current President from rolling back any of their accumulated power – Constitutional or not. Attacks on religious liberty, faith, speech, association, local activism, childhood, public order, and more.  

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The Left’s Evolution of Intolerance on Marriage

A few years back, the Democrat majority New Hampshire legislature strong-armed its caucus into passing “gay marriage.” No, it did not have the votes on the first pass. It failed. A few people took the day, a few flipped, and we were told no one was going to make churches perform them.